Conference and Seminar Proceedings

3rd Joint International Symposium on Deformation Monitoring (JISDM)

30 March - 1 April, Vienna, Austria

The actual denomination JISDM was introduced five years ago in Hong Kong and expresses the tight collaboration between the two of the most important geodetic organisations the FIG and the IAG in the fields of deformation measurements and deformation analysis. The organising commissions within the two associations are:

FIG Commission 6 Engineering Surveys Chair: Dr. Ivo Milev, Bulgaria
  Working Group 6.1 Deformation Measurements
and Analysis
Chair: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Niemeier, Germany   
 IAG Commission 4  Positioning and Applications Chair: Prof. Dr. Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska, USA
  Sub-Commission 4.2 Geodesy in Geospatial Mapping and Engineering Chair: Prof. Dr. Jinling Wang, Australia
  Joint Working Group 0.2.1   New Technologies for
Disaster Monitoring and
Chair: Prof. Dr. Ioannis Doukas, Greece
3rd Joint International Symposium on Deformation Monitoring

Opening Ceremony

Room:  "Böcklsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
Sabine Seidler, Rector of TU Wien;
Michael Drmota, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Geoinformation of TU Wien;
Wolfgang Niemeier, Chair of the FIG Working Group 6.1;
Vassilis Gikas, Chair of the IAG Sub-Commision 4.1
Laudation Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heribert Kahmen
Wolfgang Niemeier; TU Braunschweig
The Role of the Deformation Monitoring in the current Global Practice of Structural Health Monitoring and Lifecycle Management of Assets
Helmut Wenzel; Vienna Consulting Engineers ZT GmbH
Leica GeoMoS Monitoring – From any data to final information (Slides)
Michael Rutschmann; Leica Geosystems

Quality Assessment of Geodetic Monitoring Networks and Time Series Analysis

ChairWolfgang Niemeier, Germany
Room:  "Böcklsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
14:00  Uncertainty Assessment in Geodetic Network Adjustment by Combining GUM and MC
W. Niemeier and D. Tengen; Germany
14:20  A Comparative Evaluation of Various Models for Displacement Prediction
E.-G. Alevizakou and G. Pantazis; Greece
14:40  Time Series Analysis of 3D Coordinates using Nonstochastic Observations (peer reviewed)
H. Velsink; The Netherlands
15:00  Analysis of Inclination Measurement by Means of Artificial Neural Networks – A Comparison of Static and Dynamic Networks (peer reviewed)
L. Alkaiem, F. Keller and H. Sternberg; Germany
15:20  Comparison of Levenberg-Marquardt and Extended Kalman Filter based Parameter Estimation of Artificial Neural Networks in Modelling Deformation Processes
Sabine Horvath and Hans Neuner; Austria

New Concepts for GNSS-based Monitoring

ChairVolker Schwieger, Germany
Room:  "Festsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
14:00  Improving the Quality of Low-Cost GPS Receivers Data for Monitoring using Spatial Correlations (peer reviewed)
L. Zhang and V. Schwieger; Germany
14:20  Potential of GPS Common Clock Single Differences for Deformation Monitoring  (peer reviewed)
S. Schön, H. K. Pham, T. Kersten, J. Leute and A. Bauch; Germany
14:40  GNSS for Deformation and Geohazard Monitoring in the Swiss Alps
P. Limpach, A. Geiger and H. Raetzo; Switzerland
15:00  Analysis of 1-Hz GPS Data for the Estimation of Long-Period Surface Motion of Tohoku Mw9.0 2011 Earthquake
P. A. Psimoulis, N. Houlié, M. Meindl, M. Rothacher and M. Clotaire; UK, Switzerland
15:20  GNSS Methods in Dam Monitoring: Case Studies and Future Perspectives
R. Barzaghi, N. Cazzaniga, L. Pinto and V. Tornatore; Italy

New Sensors for Deformation Measurements

ChairWerner Lienhart, Austria
Room:  "Böcklsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
16:15  New Concepts and Applications for Geodetical Monitoring with Fibre-optic Sensing (FOS)
H. Döller and G. Neunteufel; Austria
16:35  Monitoring of Railway Deformations using Distributed Fibre Optic Sensors
F. Klug, S. Lackner and W. Lienhart; Austria
16:55  Deformation Measurement of a Driven Pile using Distributed Fibre-optic Sensing (peer reviewed)
C. Monsberger, H. Woschitz and M. Hayden; Austria
17:15  Vibration Analysis of Bridges using Fiber Optic Sensors
I. Liptak, A. Kopacik, J. Erdelyi, P. Kyrinovic and G. Patassy; Slovakia
17:35  Modern Measurements Techniques in Structural Monitoring on Example of Ceiling Beams
I. Wilczyńska and K. Ćmielewski; Poland

Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Areal Deformation Monitoring I

ChairHeiner Kuhlmann, Germany
Room:  "Festsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
16:15  Slope Monitoring employing 3D Laser Scanning
A. Haring; Austria
16:35  Challenges and Present Fields of Action at Laser Scanner Based Deformation Analyses (peer reviewed)
C. Holst and H. Kuhlmann; Germany
16:55  Viewpoint Planning for Terrestrial Laser Scanning utilising an Intensity Based Stochastic Model
D. Wujanz, M. Mettenleiter, M. Burger and F. Neitzel; Germany
17:15  First Investigations for a Synthetic Covariance Matrix for Monitoring by Terrestrial Laser Scanning (peer reviewed)
S. Kauker and V. Schwieger; Germany
17:35  Simulation of Terrestrial Laser Scanning Errors occurring during Deformation Monitoring
T. Mill; Estonia

31st March

Novel Approaches for Absolute Distance Measurements I

ChairFlorian Pollinger, Germany
Room:  "Böcklsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
8:30  JRP SIB60 "Metrology for Long Distance Surveying" - a Concise Survey on Major Project Results
F. Pollinger et al.; Germany and others
8:50  Highly Accurate Distance Measurement with a Frequency Comb Laser
S. van den Berg, D. Voigt, A. Lesundak, S. van Eldik and N. Bhattacharya; The Netherlands, Czech Republic
9:10  SI-Traceable High-Accuracy EDM Based on Multi-Wavelength Interferometry
F. Pollinger, J. Mildner, P. Köchert, R. Yang, A. Bosnjakovic, T. Meyer, M. Wedde and K. Meiners-Hagen; Germany, China, Bosnia and Herzegovina
9:30  Spectroscopic Inline Thermometry
T. Tomberg, T. Hieta, T. Fordell and M. Merimaa; Finland
9:50  FGI's Contribution in the JRP SIB60 "Metrology for Long Distance Surveying"
J. Jokela, U. Kallio, H. Koivula and M. Poutanen; Finland

Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Areal Deformation Monitoring II

ChairAndreas Wieser, Germany
Room:  "Festsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
8:30  Identification of Stable Surfaces within Point Clouds for Areal Deformation Monitoring
E. Friedli and A. Wieser; Switzerland
8:50  Highly Accurate Extrinsic Calibration of Terrestrial Laser Scanner and Digital Camera for Structural Monitoring Applications (peer reviewed)
M. Omidalizarandi, J.-A. Paffenholz, U. Stenz and I. Neumann; Germany
9:10  Using Model Selection Criteria to Determine the Optimal Number of B-spline Control Points for Areal Deformation Modelling (peer reviewed)
C. Harmening and H. Neuner; Austria
9:30  Robust Spatial Approximation of Laser Scanner Point Clouds by means of Free-Form Curve Approaches in Deformation Analysis (peer reviewed)
J. Bureick, H. Alkhatib and I. Neumann; Germany
9:50  Automated Point Cloud Processing to Increase the Accuracy of Deformation Monitoring (peer reviewed)
J. Erdelyi, A. Kopacik, I. Liptak and P. Kyrinovic; Slovakia

Novel Approaches for Absolute Distance Measurements II

ChairSteffen Schön, Germany
Room:  "Böcklsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
10:45  Investigations on the Influence of Antenna Near-field Effects and Satellite Obstruction on the Uncertainty of GNSS-based Distance Measurements (peer reviewed)
F. Zimmermann, C. Eling and H. Kuhlmann; Germany
11:05  Common Clock GNSS-baselines at PTB
J. Leute, A. Bauch, S. Schön and T. Krawinkel; Germany
11:25  Towards Kilometric Distance Measurements with Air Refractive Index Compensation
J. Guillory, J.-P. Wallerand, D. Truong, R. Šmíd and C. Alexandre; France, Czech Republic
11:45  Data Digging at the PTB Baseline - Studies to Derive Better Correction Models for Geodetic Distance Measurements
D. Tengen and F. Pollinger; Germany
12:05  Deformation Monitoring of the Submillimetric UPV Calibration Baseline
L. García-Asenjo, S. Baselga and P. Garrigues; Spain

Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Areal Deformation Monitoring III

ChairAlojz Kopacik, Slovakia
Room:  "Festsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
10:45  Investigations of Low- and High-frequency Movements of Wind Power Plants Using a Profile Laser Scanner
F. Schill and A. Eichhorn; Germany
11:05  Measurement of Deflection in Concrete Beams during a Fatigue Loading Test using the Microsoft Kinect 2.0 (peer reviewed)
H. Lahamy, D. D. Lichti, J. Steward, M. El-Badry and M. Moravvej; Canada
11:25  Laser Scanner based Growth Analysis of Plants as a new Challenge for Deformation Monitoring (peer reviewed)
J. Dupuis, C. Holst and H. Kuhlmann; Germany
11:45  Applications of Terrestrial Laser Scanning for Deformation Analyses of an Adaptive Supporting Structure (peer reviewed)
S. I. Poptean, A. F. Jocea, A. Schmitt, V. Schwieger, M. Heidingsfeld and O. Sawodny; Romania, Germany
12:05  Diagnostic Use of Laser Scanning Data to Identify Current and Historical Deformations and Geometries: The Case of the Modena Cathedral
C. Castagnetti, A. Capra and E. Silvestri; Italy

Multi-Sensor-Systems for Deformation Monitoring

ChairXiaolin Meng, UK
Room:  "Böcklsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
14:00  Towards Deformation Monitoring with UAV-based Mobile Mapping Systems (peer reviewed)
C. Eling, L. Klingbeil, M. Wieland and H. Kuhlmann; Germany
14:20  Direct Georeferencing of a multi-sensor platform for mobile mapping applications and damage detection (peer reviewed)
N. Diefenbach and A. Eichhorn; Germany
14:40  Development of a Wireless Sensor Network System as basis for Early Warning in Slope Monitoring of the Corinth Canal
G. Hloupis, C. Leoussis, V. Pagounis, M. Tsakiri, E. Vassilakis and V. Zacharis; Greece
15:00  Open Source Software Development in Geodesy -Implementation of a Universal Automatic Deformation Monitoring System (peer reviewed)
P. Engel and B. Schweimler; Germany
15:20  On Integrated Geodetic Monitoring for Sinkhole-Induced Surface Deformation and Mass Dislocation
T. Kersten, L. Timmen, S. Schön, M. Kobe, G. Gabriel and D. Vogel; Germany

New Aspects of Deformation Measurements with Automated Total Stations

ChairThomas Wunderlich, Germany
Room:  "Festsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
14:00  Pushing the Sensitivity Limits of TPS-based Continuous Deformation Monitoring of an Alpine Valley
M. Frukacz, R. Presl, A. Wieser and D. Favot; Switzerland
14:20  Impact of Prism Type and Prism Orientation on the Accuracy of Automated Total Station Measurements
S. Lackner and W. Lienhart; Austria
14:40  Calibration Method for IATS and Application in Multi-Target Monitoring using Coded Targets (peer reviewed)
Y. Zhou, A. Wagner, T. Wunderlich and P. Wasmeier; China, Germany
15:00  Contribution of the Image-Assisted Theodolite System QDaedalus to Geodetic Static and Dynamic Deformation Monitoring
S. Guillaume, J. Clerc, C. Leyder, J. Ray and M. Kistler; Switzerland
15:20  Improved Concepts of Using Natural Targets for Geo-monitoring
A. Wagner, W. Wiedemann, P. Wasmeier and T. Wunderlich; Germany

Vibration Monitoring and Dynamics

ChairGethin Roberts, China
Room:  "Böcklsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
16:15  High Frequent Total Station Measurements for the Monitoring of Bridge Vibrations
W. Lienhart, M. Ehrhart and M. Grick; Austria
16:35  Monitoring of Oscillations and Frequency Analysis of the Railway Bridge "Sava" using Robotic Total Station
A. Marendic, R. Paar, I. Grgac and D. Damjanovic; Croatia
16:55  Combination of GPS and RTS Measurements for the Monitoring of Semi-static and Dynamic Motion of Pedestrian Bridge (peer reviewed)
P. Psimoulis, I. Peppa, L. Bonenberg, S. Ince and X. Meng; UK
17:15  Correlation of the Movements of the Severn Suspension Bridge Derived with GNSS with Temperature Variations
G. W. Roberts, X. Tang and C. J. Brown; China, UK
17:35  Analysis of Effectiveness of Steel Chimneys Vibration Dampers using Surveying Methods
P. Kuras, L. Ortyl, T. Owerko, R. Kocierz, M. Kedzierski and P. Podstolak; Poland

Ground-based and
Spaceborne Radar I

ChairVassilis Gikas, Greece
Room:  "Festsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
16:15  Development of a Novel Radar Sensor for Monitoring the Vibration Characteristics of Structures at Short Ranges
G. Luzi, M. Crosetto, D. Calero and E. Fernández; Spain
16:35  Intrinsic Random Functions for Mitigation of Atmospheric Effects in Ground Based Radar Interferometry
J. A. Butt, A. Wieser and S. Conzett; Switzerland
16:55  Exploiting Amplitude of Terrestrial Radar Data for Feature Tracking in Areal Monitoring of Inhomogeneous Surfaces
S. Conzett, A. Wieser and J. A. Butt; Switzerland
17:15  Ground Based SAR Data Analysis Tools for Deformation Monitoring
M. Crosetto, O. Monserrat, G. Luzi, A. Barra and Q. Huang; Spain, China
17:35  Bridge-Vehicle Interaction Analysis Based on Continuous GPS/IMU Vehicle Recordings and GBMI Bridge Measurements: Preliminary Results and Investigations
T. Mpimis, G. Piniotis and V. Gikas; Greece


Monitoring of Dams

ChairMaria Marsella and Marco Scaioni, Italy
Room:  "Böcklsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
8:30  Technologies for Dam Deformation Measurement: Recent Trends and Future Challenges
M. Scaioni and J. Wang; Italy, China
8:50  Satellite Technologies for Dam Motion Monitoring
R. Cifres, G. Cooksley and E. Cifres; UK
9:10  Vibrating Wire Strain Gauges of Ridracoli Dam: Analysis and Interpretations
P. Manciola, G. Buffi, A. Gambi and F. Cortezzi; Italy
9:30  Assessment of Long Term Pendulum and Geodetic Observations on a Concrete Arch Dam
S. Gamse, M. J. Henriques and M. Oberguggenberger; Austria, Portugal
9:50  Long-term Deformation Patterns of Earth-fill Dams Based on Geodetic Monitoring Data: the Pournari I Dam Case Study
P. Michalis, S. I. Pytharouli and S. Raftopoulos; UK, Greece

Ground-based and
Spaceborne Radar II

ChairMichele Crosetto, Spain
Room:  "Festsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
8:30  Deformation Monitoring Using Sentinel-1 SAR Data
N. Deventhéry, M. Crosetto, O. Monserrat, M. Cuevas-Gonzalez and B. Crippa; Spain, Italy
8:50  Monitoring of Deformations of Infrastructure Objects by Radar-Interferometry - Prerequisites, Potential and Limitations
W. Niemeier, B. Riedel, G. Siles and F. Pratesi; Germany, Canada, Italy
9:10  Research and Development of a Pilot Project using GNSS and Earth Observation (GeoSHM) for Structural Health Monitoring of the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland
X. Meng, B. Colford, Y. Xie, P. Bhatia, A. Sowter, J. Ye, M. Skicko, M. Dimauro, M. Ge, X. Li and P. Psimoulis; UK, US, Germany
9:30  Displacement Measurements with GNSS and Radar Interferometry above the New Alp Traverse Gotthard
M. Kistler, E. Brockmann, S. Condamin, A. Schlatter, A. Wiget and L. Eggimann; Switzerland
9:50  Satellite Techniques: New Perspectives for the Monitoring of Dams
M. Corsetti, P. D'Aranno, F. Giancola, M. Marsella, S Scifoni, A. Sonnessa and M. Manunta; Italy

Monitoring of Geohazards

ChairMaria João Henriques, Portugal
Room:  "Böcklsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
10:45  Observing Slope Stability Changes on the Basis of Tilt and Hydrologic Measurements (peer reviewed)
G. Mentes; Hungary
11:05  Advantages of Deformation Measurements for Deep Excavation of an Unstable Slope in order to Implement a Hydropower Development
C. Didulescu, D. Paunescua and C. Popescu; Romania
11:25  Controlling the Damages of Physical Models of Rubble-mound Breakwaters by Photogrammetric Products - Orthomosaic and Point Clouds (peer reviewed)
M. Henriques, N. Braz, D. Roque, R. Lemos and C. Fortes; Portugal
11:45  The French National Landslide Observatory OMIV – Monitoring surface displacement using permanent GNSS, photogrammetric cameras and terrestrial LiDAR for understanding the landslide mechanisms
G. Ferhat, J.-P. Malet, P. Ulrich, P. Boetzlé and J. Travelletti; France, Switzerland

Deformation Measurements for Construction Engineering

ChairAlessandro Capra, Italy
Room:  "Festsaal" (Main Building, 1st Floor)
10:45  Deformation Monitoring and Monitoring Data Management at the Metro Project Cityringen Copenhagen
K. Chmelina, K. Rabensteiner, A. Charalambides and M. Amrhein; Austria, Germany
11:05  Deck and Cable Dynamic Testing of a Single-Span Bridge Using Radar Interferometry and Videometry Measurements (peer reviewed)
G. Piniotis, V. Gikas, T. Mpimis and H. Perakis; Greece
11:25  Surveying Control of the Structure of a Telescope for Observing Cosmic Very-high-energy Gamma Rays
T. Owerko, R. Kocierz, P. Kuras and Ł. Ortyl; Poland
11:45  Evaluation of the Sensitivity of 3D Monitoring Networks by Applying both Different Measurement Methods and Adjustments
G. Pantazis, C. Constantinides and G. Stavrou; Greece, Cyprus
12:05  Geophysical Assessment of Dam Infrastructure: the Mugdock Reservoir Dam Case Study
P. Michalis, P. Sentenac and D. MacBrayne; UK

30th March

Poster Session

Room:  "Kuppelsaal" (Main Building, 4th Floor)
 Beam Path Temperature Determination for Long Distance Measurements
A. Haensel, S. van den Berg, P. Urbach and N. Bhattacharya; The Netherlands
Periodicities in Results of Local Deformation Monitoring of Hydropower Structures using GNSS
A. Ustinov and V. Kaftan; Russian Federation
 Enhancement of 3D Monitoring Networks Sensitivity by Low Cost Innovative Implementation
G. Pantazis and E. Lambrou; Greece
A Comparison of Different Systems for Underground Surveying
L. Redovniković, B. Stančić and D. Panić; Croatia
 Features of Crustal Deformation Consideration in Evaluation of Real Property Units
E.Podryadchikova and A. Dubrovsky; Russian Federation

Poster Session

Room:  "Kuppelsaal" (Main Building, 4th Floor)
 Monitoring of Tectonic Deformation of the Gulf of California (Mexico) using GPS Measurements
C. R. Moraila-Valenzuela, R. R. Andrade, G. Ferhat and J. Van der Woerd; Mexico, France
 Levelling and Hybrid Gravimetry Monitoring Applied to Geothermal Sites of Soultz-sous-Forêts and Rittershoffen, Rhine Graben, France
G. Ferhat, M. I. L. Barraza, E. Clédat, J. Hinderer, M. C. Garcia-Maroto, Y. Abdelfettah, B. Hector, U. Riccardi and J.-D. Bernard; France, Mexico, Switzerland, Spain, Italy
 Integration of Ground-Based Monitoring Techniques to Control the Behaviour of Medium-Scale Critical Infrastructure: The Case of Arch Dam
M. Corsetti, P. d'Aranno, F. Giancola, M. Marsella, A. Sonnessa, W. Wahbeh, A. Meta and L. Testa; Italy, The Netherlands
 Absolute Distance Measurement with the Fiber Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb
T. Wu and J. Guo; China

3rd Joint International Symposium on Deformation Monitoring