Forthcoming events

This selection lists events and conferences organised, sponsored or co-sponsored by FIG, its commissions and its member associations:


FIG Events

Since 1878 FIG has organised events for surveyors with representation from all over the world. The first FIG congress took place in Paris, France, when FIG was founded. The second in 1910 in Brussels, Belgium and the third again in Paris, France in 1926. Since then there has been a meeting/conference each year only interrupted by the second World War and in 2020 the Working Week that should have been held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands had to be cancelled and was substituted by 26 articles. In 2021 the first ever virtual event, the FIG e-Working Week, took place in cooperation with the Dutch local organisers.

FIG Congresses

FIG organises international congresses, held every four years, and annual working weeks, held in the intervening years. Congresses and Working Weeks are hosted by FIG together with its local member association. The last congresses were held in Brighton (UK) in 1998, in Washington, DC (USA) in 2002, in Munich, Germany in 2006, in Sydney, Australia, 11-16 April 2010, in Malaysia in June 2014 and in Istanbul, Turkey, 6-11 May 2018. The next congress will be held in Warsaw, Poland 11-15 September 2022.

Congresses attract several thousand participants from all over the world and are the most important events in the FIG calendar. The technical programme, which marks the culmination of the 10 commissions’ four-year programme of work, is complemented by a major international exhibition.

FIG Working Weeks

Working Weeks combine meetings of FIG’s administrative bodies with technical seminars organised by the commissions and the host member associations and as such provide the opportunity for commissions to develop their work programmes and for FIG to network at a more regional level. In the later years the Working Weeks have taken place in Abuja, Nigeria in 2013, Sofia, Bulgaria in 2015, Christchurch, New Zealand in 2016, Helsinki, Finland in 2017, Hanoi, Vietnam in 2019 and the Netherlands 2021 The next Working Week will be held in Orlanda, Florida US in 2023 and in Accra, Ghana in 2024.

Other FIG events

In addition to their involvement with FIG congresses and working weeks, commissions and their working groups organise or co-sponsor a wide range of seminars and workshops, usually in collaboration with member associations or other international professional bodies.