FIG’s technical work is led by ten Commissions. The responsibilities and work plans of Commissions are approved by the General Assembly during the FIG Congress. The work of each Commission is lead by the Chairperson – elected for four-year term of office by the General Assembly at the Congress. He is assisted by the Commission Vice-Chairpersons also appointed by the General Assembly. The Chair-Elect is elected by the General Assembly two years before the Congress. The Commission Chair is also assisted by a Vice-Chair of Administration who is in charge for the administration of the Commission. Every Commission has established at least three working groups on special topics.

All member associations have the right to nominate a national delegate to each of the ten Commissions. The affiliates, academic members and corporate members have a right to nominate a correspondent to each commission. The responsibilities and privileges of national delegates are published in the Internal Rules.

Commission 1 – Professional Standards and Practice


Commission 6 – Engineering Surveys

Commission 2 – Professional Education


Commission 7 – Cadastre and Land Management

Commission 3 – Spatial Information Management


Commission 8 – Spatial Planning and Development

Commission 4 – Hydrography


Commission 9 – Valuation and the Management of Real Estate

Commission 5 – Positioning and Measurement


Commission 10 - Construction Economics and Management