FIG Council Meeting in Malaysia

Council Confirms Nominations for Elections at the General Assembly in Rome in May 2012 - Meetings with Organisers of Future Conferences

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 12-13 February 2012

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The Twin Tower is the icon of Kuala Lumpur. The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre is located next to the Petronas Tower and will also be the venue for FIG Congress in 2014.

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Part of FIG Council and staff at the top of the Twin Tower: Iain Greenway, Rudolf Staiger, Hanne Elster, Dalal Alnaggar and Louise Friis-Hansen.

The FIG Council had its first face-to-face meeting this year in Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia 12-13 February 2012. The meeting was organised in conjunction to the UNRCC-PCGIAP International Symposium on Spatially Enabled Government and Society that was held 15-16 February and that was preceded by one day expert group meeting on the same topic. All meetings were held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre that will also host the FIG Congress 16-21 June 2014.

The Council focussed at its meeting on preparations of the General Assembly that will be held in Rome on the 6th and 10th May 2012. In addition lot of time was used to discuss the future strategic challenges of the Federation.

The Council approved nominations made by member associations for the elections that will take place in Rome. The three candidates for the two open posts as FIG Vice Presidents are: Dr. Pengfei Cheng (CSGPC, China PR), Geom. Bruno Razza (CNGeGL, Italy) and Mr. Yaacoub Saade (OSL, Lebanon).

Following nominations were confirmed for Commission Chairs Elect for term of office 2013-2014:

  • Commission 1: Mr. Brian J. Coutts, NZIS, New Zealand
                           Dr. Ping Xiao, CSGPC, China PR
  • Commission 2: Ms. Liza Groenendijk, GIN, Netherlands
  • Commission 3: Mr. Enrico Rispoli, CNGeGL, Italy
  • Commission 4: Ms. Angela Kesiena Etuonovbe, NIS, Nigeria
  • Commission 5: Prof. Volker Schwieger, DVW, Germany
  • Commission 6: Dr. Ivo Milev, USLMB, Bulgaria
  • Commission 7: Ms. Claire Galpin, OGE, France
                           Ms. Gerda Schennach, OVG, Austria
                           Dr. Daniel Steudler, geosuisse, Switzerland
  • Commission 8: Mr. Raymond Chan Yuk Ming, HKIS, Hong Kong SAR, China
                           Mr. Kwame Tenadu, GhIS, Ghana
  • Commission 9: Prof. Liao Jinping (Patrick), CIREA, China PR
  • Commission 10: no proposals

The Council further confirmed that the bids to host the FIG Working Week 2015 and 2016 fulfil the criteria of hosting the Working Week and that all submitted bids will be brought to the General Assembly together with an evaluation report so that the assembly can decide on the hosts of the next two open Working Weeks. The candidates are:

Working Week 2015

  • Chamber of Graduated Surveyors Bulgaria, Bulgaria
  • Nepal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, NICS, Nepal
  • Union of Romanian Geodesy, UGR and Romanian Association of Private Surveyors, APCGC, Romania

Working Week 2016

  • Chamber of Graduated Surveyors Bulgaria, Bulgaria
  • New Zealand Institution of Surveyors, NZIS, New Zealand
  • Union of Romanian Geodesy, UGR and Romanian Association of Private Surveyors, APCGC, Romania

The accounts for 2011 were adopted and they show better result than budgeted. The Council proposes to keep the membership fees in current level and in addition to create a special reserve for FIG events to avoid any unpleasant surprises with future events.

The Council decided also to accept several new member associations and to bring these applications to the endorsement of the General Assembly as well as several new other members.

The Council also noted the interim report from the chair of the Working Group on Voting Rights that will be brought for information and discussion at the General Assembly.

The meeting in Kuala Lumpur allowed the FIG representatives to have meetings with the organisers of the next FIG conferences. The preparations for Working Week in Rome are well under way and with more than 500 presentations in more than 90 sessions indicate the biggest Working Week in the FIG history.

The FIG Office had also 1.5 day seminar with PEJUTA on arrangements of the FIG Congress 2014. The dates of the 25th FIG Congress were confirmed to 16-21 June 2014.

More to read:

  • Report from the UNRCC - PCGIAP International Symposium
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Vice President Dalal Alnaggar and Louise Friis-Hansen and Hanne Elster at the Council meeting discussing the future profile of the federation.
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President CheeHai Teo opening the UNRCC-PCGIAP Expert Group Meeting on spatially enabled society.
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Attendants at the Expert Group Meeting came from Asia and the Pacific, Joint Board of GIS and some invited countries like Italy.
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Organising Committee of FIG 2014 in discussion with FIG office.
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The Organising Committee of the 25th FIG Congress to be held in Kuala Lumpur in June 2014.
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The UNRCC-PCGIAP International Symposium was officiated by the Honourable Joseph Kurup, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Malaysia (second from right) and at the officiating ceremony, the Deputy Minister was accompanied by Dr. Hiroshi Murakami, Vice President of PCGIAP (first from left), Dr. Paul Cheung, Director of the Statistic Division, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations (second from left), Mr. Zoal Azha Yusof, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Malaysia (third from left) and Prof Dr. Abdul Kadir Taib, Director General of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (first from right).

23 February 2012