RICS International Governing Council Meeting

Fit for the Future – A Grand Transformation for the Property, Land and Construction

28-29 March, Beijing, China PR

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RICS Global President SeeLian Ong (L), President CheeHai Teo and RICS Chief Executive Sean Tomkins.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, RICS a member association of FIG made history by having its International Governing Council Meeting in Beijing, China PR, the first meeting ever outside Europe. Together with this historic event, an international conference was convened. The conference at JW Marriott Beijing had participants deliberating and discussing the profession’s fitness for the future, the theme of the two-day event.

The conference was officiated by HE Mr. Sebastian Wood, CMG, the British Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China. The conference had a number of sessions including lively panel discussions covering economy, property investment, investment infrastructure, property market outlooks, affordable housing, valuation standards as well as issues related to urbanization and building cities of the future, impact of technologies and innovation and that of land tenure and the vibrant land market.

President CheeHai Teo shared his views on global land tenure challenges as well as responses within the area of land rights and responsibilities. In the ensuing panel discussion, the issue of property taxation came to the fore as well the desire for a national land registration system. President CheeHai Teo opined that any system so designed must aim to provide security of tenure rights, accommodate a variety of tenure rights, provide clarity and certainty that leads to efficiency in the delivery system, and thus a vibrant land and property market.

At the two-day event, the FIG President took the opportunity to meet and engage many within the RICS leadership including President SeeLian Ong, Secretary General Robert Mahoney, President-elect Allan Collett, Senior Vice President Michael Newey and Vice President Louise Brooke-Smith as well as RICS Chief Executive Sean Tomkins.

At the closing of the conference, in addressing the theme, RICS Global President, SeeLian Ong stressed the importance of standards, sustainability and a strategic mindset.

CheeHai Teo
FIG President
April 2012

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CheeHai Teo (L), Past President of the Chartered Institute of Building, Prof Li Shi-rong, SeeLian Ong, RICS Vice-President Louise Brooke-Smith (R)

20 April 2012