Conference and Seminar Proceedings

FIG Commission 2 and 7 Workshop 2015 "Strengthe2015_11_nepal.aspning Education for Land Professionals and Opportunities for SDI Development"

24-27 November 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal


November 24, 2015, Tuesday, PRE-CONFERENCE EVENT

09:30 - 10:15

Welcome Speech
Professor Dr. Bhola Thapa, Registrar, Kathmandu University


Chair: Mr. Krishna Raj BC, Executive Director, Land management Training Centre, Dhulikhel, Kavre, Nepal
Facilitator: Dr Dev Raj Paudyal, School Civil Engineering and Surveying, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Professor Dr. Marguerite Madden,
Director, Center for GeospatialResearch (CGR), Department of Geography, University of Georgia and Second Vice President of ISPRS
Title: Geo-spatial Technologies and People: Respond and Recover from Disasters

Professor Dr. Kevin McDougall,
Head of School Civil Engineering and Surveying, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Title: Challenges and Opportunities in utilising SDI and Crowd Sourced Data during Disasters

Dr Nama R. Budhathoki,
Executive Director, Kathmandu Living Labs
Title: Digital Innovation for Social Good


Tea/Coffee Break


Chair: Mr. Madhu Sudan Adhikari, Director General, Survey Department, Government of Nepal
Facilitator: Dr Dev Raj Paudyal, School Civil Engineering and Surveying, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

Dr Katie Potts,
Centre for Disaster Management & Public Safety (CDMPS), University of Melbourne, Australia
Title:Next Generation of Disaster Management

Professor Emeritus Dr. Armin Gruen
Chair of Information Architecture, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
Title: UAV Tecchnology for Geospatial Data Acquisition

13:00 - 14:00

Lunch Break


Chair: Professor Dr. Ramesh Kumar Maskey, Associate Dean, School of Engineering, Kathmandu University
Facilitator: Dr Dev Raj Paudyal, School Civil Engineering and Surveying, University of Southern Queensland, Australia
Panellists: All Presenters


Sum up and Remarks by Facilitator
Closing remarks and closing of the session by Chair of panel discussion


November 25, 2015, Wednesday: Day I

08:45 - 10:20

Chair: Mr. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, Chair, NICS, Chair: Steering Committee
Chief Guest: : Mr. Kamal Thapa, Honorable Deputy Prime Minister
Master of Ceremony: Ms Malvika Subba, Former Miss Nepal & Media Person Nepa-Dhuku Hall

  • National Anthem (upon arrival of the Chief Guest
  • Welcome Speech: Mr. Ganesh Prasad Bhatta; Chair: Organizing Committee
  • Welcome Song/Music
  • Inauguration: Chief Guest
  • Major Highlights of the Program: Mr. Rabin K. Sharma, Chair-NRSPS, Co-Chair: Steering Committee
  • Remarks: Prof. Dr. Marguerite Madden, 2nd Vice President, ISPRS
  • Remarks: FIG Representative
  • Remarks: Mr. Babu Ram Acharya, Chair: Advisory Board
  • Remarks: Prof. Dr. Jibaraj Pokharel, Vice Chair, Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST)
  • Felicitation to Supporters from Chief Guest
  • Inaugural Address: Chief Guest
  • Closing Remarks: Mr. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, Chair of the Session
11:00 - 12:30

Chair: 11:00 - 12:30
Rapporteur: Janak Raj Joshi

Prof. em. Dr. Armin GRUEN (Switzerland):
Image Based Modelling for Emergency Management
[Bio] [Abstract] [Handouts]

Prof. Dr. Arbind TULADHAR (The Netherlands):
Land Issues and Reconstruction Planning in the Earthquake Post Disaster
[Bio] [Abstract] [Handouts]

Mr. Rajan AYER (India):
Geospatial Technologies for a Disaster Resilient Community
[Bio] [Abstract] [Handouts]

12:30 - 13:30

Lunch Break

13:30 - 15:00

Chair: Mr. Rajaram Chhatkuli
Rapporteur: Mr. Uma Shankar Panday

T.S.1.1: Sanjaya DEVKOTA, Dr. Karen SUDMEIER-RIEUX, Anu ADHIKARI, Rajendra KHANAL, Ivanna PENNA and Prof. Michel JABOYEDOFF (Nepal):
Investing in Ecosystem Approaches for more Resilient Disaster Risk Reduction: The Case for Eco-Safe Roads in Nepal

T.S.1.2: Dr. Chudamani JOSHI (Nepal):
Influence of landslides on invasibility of forest ecosystems

T.S.1.3: Him Lal SHRESTHA, Nawaraj CHAPAGAIN, and Krishna Ram DHITAL (Nepal):
Geospatial analysis of forest resources availability for the reconstruction after Earth Quake 2015

T.S.1.4: Dr. Zhixuan (Jenny) YANG, Dr. Arbin TULADHAR, Prof. Abbas RAJABIFARD (China)
3D City Governance: Towards an Integrated Sustainability (Peer Reviewed)

T.S.1.5: Dr. Bhagawat RIMAL and Rajaram CHHATKULI (Nepal):
Participatory Land Use Planning as a tool for Disaster Risk Mitigation and Sustainable Land Management: A Case Study

T.S.1.6: Dr. Madan MOHAN (India):
Geospatial Technology for Developing of Smart Cities in India

13:30 - 15:00

Chair: Dr Katie Potts
Rapporteur: Ms. Shanti Basnet

T.S.2.1: Hari Krishna DHONJU, Dr. Manchiraju Sri Ramachandra MURTHY and Sunita DUWAL (Nepal):
Dasymetric Mapping of Census Data for Nepal towards Improved Disaster Risk Assessment Studies

T.S.2.2: Dr. Rishiraj DUTTA and Susantha JAYASINGHE (Thailand):
Integrating Spatial Data Infrastructure in Monitoring Climate Change Impacts: A Research Oriented Approach (Peer Reviewed)

T.S.2.3: Asmat ALI, Munir AHMAD (Pakistan):
Is GIS a small talk in the era of SDIs? The Case of Pakistan

T.S.2.4: Dr. Dev Raj PAUDYAL, Prof. Dr. Kevin MCDOUGALL and Prof. Dr. Armando APAN (Australia):
Developing Spatial Data Sharing Strategies for Catchment Management Authorities in Australia

T.S.2.5: Birendra BAJRACHARYA (Nepal):
Geospatial Portal as an important SDI building block for Disaster Response and Recovery

T.S.2.6 Suresh JOSHI and Shanti BASNET (Nepal):
Strengthening Cooperation Mechanism in using Spatial Data Infrastructure for Substantial Disaster Risk Reduction

13:30 - 15:00

Chair: Prof. Dr. Hikmat Raj Joshi
Rapporteur: Prabhat Kumar

T.S.3.1: Dr. Dinesh MANANDHAR, Akihiro SATO, Akihiko NISHINO, Naohiko KOHTAKE (Japan):
A Concept Design of QZSS-Based Emergency Message Service for Post-Earthquake Disaster Management in Nepal

T.S.3.2: Sundar Kumar SHARMA and Dr. Dev Raj PAUDYAL (Australia):
'Policy Mobilities' in Post-disaster Management after Nepal Earthquake 2015:A research agenda

T.S.3.3: Reshma SHRESTHA, Dr. Arbind TULADHAR and Prof. Dr. Jaap ZEVENBERGEN (The Netherlands):
Exploring the land governance in post disaster: a case of informal settlement (Peer Reviewed)

T.S.3.4: Uttam Sagar SHRESTHA (Nepal):
Understanding Disaster Risk Governance to Manage Disaster Case from Tamakoshi River Basin of Central Nepal Risks (Peer Reviewed)

T.S.3.5: Sundar DEVKOTA, Dinesh Kumar BHANDARI, Rabin PRAJAPATI and Punya Prasad OLI (Nepal):
Roles of Geomatic Engineers after Great Earthquake

T.S.3.6: Suman BARAL, Shashish MAHARJAN, Ram SHRESTHA and Suresh MANANDHAR (Nepal):
Using location based social media posts for post-disaster information management (Peer Reviewed)

15:00 - 15:30 Tea/Coffee Break
15:30 - 17:15

Chair: Mr. Alistair Greig
Rapporteur: Dr. Him Lal Shrestha

T.S.4.1: Uttam PUDASAINI, Biplov BHANDARI, Niroj PANTA, and Upendra OLI (Nepal):
Generation of High Resolution DSM using UAV Images

T.S.4.2: Rajesh Bahadur THAPA, Masanobu SHIMADA, Takeshi MOTOHKA, Manabu WATANABE, and Shinichi SUZUKI (Japan):
Let's SAR: Mapping and monitoring of land cover change with ALOS/ALOS-2 L-band data

T.S.4.3: Deo Raj GURUNG, Sudan Bikas MAHARJAN, Govinda JOSHI, Rajan BAJRACHARYA, MSR MURTHY(Nepal):
Use of Earth Observation and Allied Tools-Operational Challenges and Lesson Learned From Nepal Earthquake Of 2015

T.S.4.4: Prof. Ramesh L SHRESTHA, Craig GLENNIE, Bill CARTER and Hyongki LEE (USA):
Geodetic Imaging for SDI and DRR:Post Earthquake Research & Education

T.S.4.5: Umesh K. MANDAL (Nepal):
Spatial Prediction of Soil Organic Matter Content Using Remote Sensing Based Image Color Indices, Nepal

T.S.4.6: Dipesh SUWAL and Uma Shankar PANDAY (Nepal):
UAV for Post-Disaster Quick Assessment

T.S.4.7: Sandeep Sharma (India):
Leica Scan Station Series The right choice

15:30 - 17:15

Chair: Prof. Dr. Ramesh Maskey
Rapporteur: Ram Kumar Sapkota

T.S.5.1: Subash GHIMIRE and Janak PARAJULI (Nepal):
Geomatics Engineering Responds Earthquake in Nepal A Case of Kathmandu University

T.S.5.2: Liza GROENENDIJK (The Netherlands):
Dealing with natural disasters: Competencies for the Land Professionals

T.S.5.3: Paula DIJKSTRA (The Netherlands):
Sharing best practices to enhance geo-skills for the spatially enabled society

T.S.5.4: Chandan DAS (Nepal):
Re-engineering Survey Offices: Role of Young Surveyors

T.S.5.5: Mr. Bipul NEUPANE (Nepal)
Geo-entrepreneurship in Nepal Towards Professional Development of Geo-information service Production and Delivery

T.S.5.6: Krishna Raj ADHIKARY (Nepal):
Space Science education and its application at the school level in Nepal

T.S. 5.7: Ajay Bhakta MATHEMA (Nepal)
Initiatives to Incorporate GIS and Remote Sensing in Courses, Research works and projects of SchEMS, Pokhara University

15:30 - 17:15

Chair: Dr. Zhixuan (Jenny) Yang
Rapporteur: Ms Reshma Shrestha

T.S.6.1: Bharat Singh AIR (Nepal):
Parcel Fragmentation in Nepal: an Analytical Study

T.S.6.2: Sanjaya MANANDHAR and Janak Raj JOSHI (Nepal):
Management of Public Lands for Urban Open Space: In case of Disaster Risk Reduction

T.S.6.3: Christelle van den BERG (The Netherlands):
An opportunity to change: Fit for Purpose Land Administration

T.S.6.4: Sarita GURUNG, Susheel DANGOL and Ganesh Prasad BHATTA (Nepal):
E-Governance for an Effective and Efficient Service: Case study on e-Land Administration Services in South East Asia

T.S.6.5: Subash GHIMIRE, Dr. Arbind TULADHAR and Dr. Sagar Raj SHARMA (Nepal):
Land Valuation and Management Issues in Nepal (Peer Reviewed)

T.S.6.6: Pravesh YAGOL, Eliza SHRESTHA, Laxmi THAPA and Ganesh Prasad BHATTA (Nepal):
Comparative study on Cadastral Surveying using Total Station and Satellite Image

T.S.6.7: Chhabi Lal CHIDI (Nepal):
Depopulation and Rural Land Abandonment in the Hills of Western Nepal

18:00 - 20:00

Reception Dinner Welcome Reception with Cultural Performance
(Hosted by Survey Department of Nepal)

November 26, 2015, Thursday: Day II

08:45 - 10:30

Chair: Dr. Kevin McDougall
Rapporteur: Paula Dijkstra

Dr. Eng. Amod Mani Dixit, Executive Director, National Society for Earthquake Technology (NSET), Nepal
[Abstract] [Handouts]

Mr. Igor Cvetkovski
Land, Property and Reparations Division, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
[Abstract] [Handouts]

Dr. Donald Grant,
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia
[Abstract] [Handouts]

Prof. Dr. M. Madden, 2nd Vice President, International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ISPRS)
[Abstract] [Handouts]


Chair: Durgendra Man Kayastha
Rapporteur: Janak Raj Joshi

  • Trimble
  • Hexagon Group I
  • Hexagon Group II
  • AXA
  • Topcon
  • Digital Globe

Chair: Eva Maria Unger
Rapporteur: Dr. Paula Dijkstra

Eva-Maria UNGER, Paula DIJKSTRA, Franka GRUBISIC, Soren LEITZ and Steffen KAGERAH (The Netherlands):
FIG YSN Mapping Response - Contributions for Nepal

13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Break
14:00 - 15:30

Chair: Dr. Rishi Raj Dutta
Rapporteur: Susheel Dangol

T.S.3.7: Shailendra M. PRADHAN and Upendra M. PRADHAN (India):
Disaster Management and Participatory Governance in the Eastern Himalayan Region: Experiences from the Darjeeling hills

T.S.3.8: Dipesh SUWAL Suresh Manandhar, Ganesh Dhakal and Shashish Maharjan:
Geofencing Post Disaster Scenario Using Android App (Peer Reviewed)

T.S.3.9: Tri Dev ACHARYA, Moon Seung SHIN, Kyung Wan YOO, In Tae YANG and CheolJu LEE (Korea):
A Conceptual Framework for Web-GIS Based Landslide Susceptibility Information System

T.S.3.10: Hari Krishna DHONJU, Deepak Raj AWASTHI and Deo Raj GURUNG (Nepal):
Disaster events based dynamic risk assessment system for Nepal

T.S.3.11: Bishnu Kumari SAPKOTA (Nepal)
Landslide Loss and Damage in Darbung Village, Gorkha District, Nepal

T.S.3.12: Kathlyn Kissy SUMAYLO (UNICEF Nepal)
Role of Disaster Risk Assessement and Planning to enhance children safety and community resilience

14:00 - 15:30

Chair: Dr. Dev Raj Paudyal
Rapporteur: Anish Joshi

T.S.2.7: Er SushmitaTIMILSINA,and Punya Prasad OLI (Nepal):
Preparation of Database of Archeological Sites

T.S.2.8: Jeremy SHEN, Chin-Tung CHENG, Lee WU, and Yao-Ming FANG (Taiwan):
Innovative Government SDI Service for Disaster Prevention- TGOS and SWE

T.S.2.9: Bibek NEPAL, Prof. P. Jagadeeswara RAO, and Tran Van HO (Nepal):
Geographic Information Systems Based Landslide Susceptibility Index Mapping Using Information Value Method: A Case Study of Sindhupalchok District, Nepal

T.S.2.10: Sana KHUSHI and Tayyaba KHADIM (Pakistan):
GIS for Utility Asset Management

T.S.2.11: Shashish MAHARJAN (Nepal):
Role of citizens for strengthening SDI in developing nation

T.S.2.12: Kurtulus Erinc AKDOGAN,Volkan CALISKAN, Mustafa Orcun KARA, Mehmet Bilgekagan CINTIMUR (Turkey):
Development of a Software for Urban Disaster Management Based On a Geographical Information System (Peer Reviewed)

14:00 - 15:30

Chair: Dr. Chudamani Joshi
Rapporteur: Dr. Bhagawat Rimal

T.S.1.7: Aashutosh BHANDARI, Dinesh LAMICHHANE, and Krishna Raj BC. (Nepal):
Participatory Mapping: A Case Study of Hazard Analysis in Panauti, Kavreplanchok, Nepal.

T.S.1.8: Khim Lal GAUTAM and Susheel DANGOL(Nepal):
Developing a Resettlement Plan for the People Displaced by Budi Gandaki Hydroelectric Project in Nepal (Peer Reviewed)

T.S.1.9: Yogeshwar PARAJULI, Nilima THAPA SHRESTHA, Jenny SHRESTHA, and Anish JOSHI (Nepal):
Spatially Enabled Decision Support in Planning of Resilient Kathmandu Valley

T.S.1.10: Rolando GONZALESY, Patricia ARANDA and Joel MENDIZABAL (Bolivia):
A Bayesian Spatial-Propensity Score Matching Evaluation of the Regional Effects of Microfinance in Bolivia (Peer Reviewed)

T.S.1.11: Dr. Atta­ ur­ RAHMAN(Pakistan)
Analysis of 2010­ flood causes, nature and magnitude in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ­Pakistan (Peer Reviewed)

November 27, 2015, Friday: Day III


Chair: Prof. Dr. Margurite Madden
Rapporteur: Eva Maria Unger

Dr. Christopher Pearson, New Zealand
[Abstract] [Handouts]

Prof. Dr. Kevin McDOUGALL, Australia
[Abstract] [Handouts]

Mr. Alistair GREIG, New Zealand
[Abstract] [Handouts]

Dr. Alex Densmore, UK
[Abstract] [Handouts]

Mr. Chee Hai TEO, Malaysia
[Abstract] [Handouts]


Chair: Mr. Rabin K. Sharma, Chair: NRSPS, Co-Chair: Steering Committee
Chief Guest: Baburam Acharya, Chair: Advisory Board

Welcome Opening Remarks: Mr. Buddhi Narayan Shrestha, Chair: NICS

Distribution of Certificates/Awards/Certificate of Appreciation: Announcement by Mr. Ganesh Prashad Bhatta, Chair, Organizing Committee

Resolution of the Workshop: Ms. Reshma Shrestha, PhD Scholar, Faculty ITC, The Netherlands

Presentation of the Statistics of the Event: Prof. Dr. Hikmat Raj Joshi, Chair, Technical Committee

Remarks: Dr. Dev Raj Paudyal, Co-Chair, ISPRS WG IV/4

Remarks: E.M.C (Liza) Groenendijk, Chair, FIG Commission 2, Professional Education

Remarks: Chief Guest, Mr. Baburam Acharya

Closing of Event: Chair Mr. Rabin K. Sharma

12:30-13:30 Lunch Break

Social Tour - Visit to some touristic places