FIG Standards Network

Standards in Hydrography

FIG Commission 4, WG 4.1 led by Niel Hewitt and Simon Ironside is involved with the update of IHO Document S-44 Standards of Hydrography.

This document aims to provide a set of standards for hydrographic surveys primarily used to compile navigational charts essential for the safety of navigation, knowledge and the protection of the marine environment. It specifies the minimum standards to be achieved based on the intended use. Where and when necessary, hydrographic offices or organisations are encouraged to define more stringent or specific requirements as national or regional realisations of the standard.

 FIG has reviewed and analysed initial user feedback, contributed technical expertise and advice to the S-44 Working Group and provided feedback on some of the new chapters.

WG4.1 is also an advisory member of the S-100 WG.

Through this work cycle, WG 4.1 will be focussing on hydrographic surveyor competency through the active promotion of certification and assessment as well as offering assistance, advice and guidance on hydrographic standards as requested/required by IHO and other bodies.