FIG Commission 5

Working Group 5.2 - Reference Frame in Practice

Collection of Papers

FIG Surveyors Reference Library (SRL) will include papers from FIG Congresses, Working Weeks and other FIG events. It will be a short cut to all papers of the main conferences, but it will also include so-called recommended papers that are specially selected by the ten FIG commissions. The idea of selecting these recommended papers is that they should be of common interest and give good examples and experiences from different surveying disciplines.

You can look for papers based on events, authors and pre-selected keywords. You can also list papers based on the FIG Commission structure. Some papers also include additional keywords that may help your search.

The documents are saved in .pdf-format. These include the full papers and in some cases also handouts of the Powerpoint presentations also in .pdf-format.

All papers from following conferences are/will be included in the SRL:

  • FIG Working Week in Eilat, Israel, May 2009
  • FIG Working Week in Stockholm, Sweden, June 2008
  • 6th FIG Regional Conference in San José, Costa Rica, November 2007
  • FIG Working Week in Hong Kong SAR, May 2007
  • FIG Congress in Munich, Germany, October 2006
  • 5th FIG Regional Conference in Accra, March 2006
  • FIG Working Week 2005 in Cairo, Egypt, April 2005
  • 3rd FIG Regional Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, October 2004
  • FIG Working Week 2004 in Athens, Greece, May 2004
  • 2nd FIG Regional Conference in Marrakech, Morocco, December 2003

Selected papers from the following conferences are/will also be included in the SRL:

  • South-East Asian Surveying Congress, Hong Kong SAR, China, October 2003 - Commissions 4 and 5
  • 1st FIG International Symposium on Engineering Surveys for Construction Works and Structural Engineering, Nottingham, UK June/July 2004 - Commission 6