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Workshop - 24-25 April 2024 in Pafos, Cyprus

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Challenges and innovations in property valuation through AVMs for a transparent market in a Transforming World

Advantages, disadvantages and requirements when using AVM

Workshop details:

Date: 24-25 April 2024
Location: NEAPOLIS UNIVERSITY, Pafos, Cyprus
Participation fee: 100 Euro- Early bird until 5 March
130 Euro after 5 March
Registration deadline: Deadline 20 March
Programme: Programme in PDF



  • Definitions, uses, and best practices of AVMs in contemporary property valuation.
  • Dialogues about the ethical considerations in the deployment of AVMs.
  • Discussions about implications of AVMs for the future of the valuation profession.
  • Career development and necessary skill sets.
  • Exploring the paramount importance of data quality and quantity in mass appraisal and sharing experiences addressing related challenges.
  • Advanced Algorithms and Modules in AVM: Potential and Limitations.
  • Charting the evolution from traditional regression analysis to cutting-edge machine learning and AI in valuation.
  • Review the global valuation standards and assess their alignment with and response to emerging AVM and CAMA practices.

Objectives, goals and contents

Photo by Francesca Occhiuto from Unsplash

Photo by Milo Rossi from Unsplash

Welcome to our Scientific and Practical Conference:  "Challenges and innovations in property valuation through AVMs for a transparent market in a Transforming World"

Throughout this event, our focus will be on elucidating AVM, addressing ethical considerations, evaluating its current state, and envisioning future prospects in valuation. The discussions will extend to practical applications across diverse markets, unraveling the algorithms behind the scenes, scrutinizing data sources and requisite data structures, and emphasizing data security and protection.

Our attention will then turn to advanced algorithms and modules in AVM, dissecting both their potential and limitations. Delving into the captivating realm of human-machine fusion in AVM, we will explore the synergies between human minds and machines in mass appraisal scenarios.

The conference will conclude by exploring the future of AVM, highlighting emerging trends and innovations in this dynamic field. Our overarching goal has been to nurture thought-provoking discussions and establish a dedicated platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and groundbreaking advancements, all centered around the challenges and innovations in property valuation through AVMs for a transparent market in a transforming world. We aim to leave our participants enriched with a deeper understanding of the evolving landscape and the pivotal role AVMs play in shaping the future of real estate markets, fostering transparency, and adapting to the dynamic needs of our changing world.

  • Foster a collaborative environment for professionals, academics, and regulators to share knowledge and experiences.
  • Encourage the adoption of standardized practices in AVM  that comply with global valuation standards.
  • Stimulate innovation and the development of new tools and methods in property valuation.
  • Promote ethical practices and the responsible use of technology in the valuation profession.
  • Provide insights into the impact of AVMs on the global real estate market and valuation standards.
Opportunities, Activities and Target audience:
  • Opportunities for attendees to engage with experts, thought leaders, and peers in the industry.
  • Publication of a post-conference report summarising key insights and recommendations.
  • Establishment of a task force to examine the integration of conference findings with global valuation standards.
Who is the target audience

The conference targets both scientists and practitioners involved in real estate valuation, spatial economy, real estate market analysts, data scientists, practitioners in the real estate market, and the industry.


Detailed programme:
Agenda day 1 24 April
09:30 am Registration
10:00-10:15 Session 1 - Welcome and Opening
Peter Ache &  Thomas Dimopoulus
Chair: Małgorzata Renigier-Bilozor
10:15 - 12:15 Session 1 Keynotes Speakers
  • New Requirements within IVS: Valuation Process Quality Control, Data and Inputs, ESG Considerations, Valuation Models, The Use of AVM,
    Alexander Aronsoh
    n, (30min) IVSC (Keynote-Speaker)
  • Transparency in The Property Market More Than Necessary, but a Major  Challenge
    Peter Ache
    , (30min)  FiG  (Keynote-Speaker)
  • The History of Mass Valuation Modeling in North America, 
    Patrick Alesandrini
    , (30min)  IAAO (Keynote-Speaker)
  • General Valuation and CAMA experiences, challenges and opportunities in the Lands and Surveys Department, 
    Pashoulis Varnavas
    (30min)  Lands and Surveys Department, Cyprus (Keynote-Speakers).
12:15 - 12:30 Networking break
12:30 - 14:00

Session 2  Humans vs Machines in AVM - Who is the boss in the game?  
Chair Artur Janowski

  • The Evolution of Valuation:  From Regression to Machine Intelligence,
    Russ Thimgan
    , (30min)  USA
  • Minds and Machines Synergy in AVM- Mass Appraisal,
    Małgorzata Renigier-Biłozor & Artur Janowski& Patrick Alesandrini
    , (30min)  Poland&USA
  • AI and the Ethics of Machines Dealing with Humans,  
    Thomas  Dimopoulos
    , (30min)  Cyprus
14:00-14:30 Discussion Panel
(Peter Ache & Artur Janowski
14:30-15:30 Lunch
15:30 - 17:00

Session 3  Mass Appraisals: A Retrospective and Prospective View  
Chair Małgorzata Renigier-Biłozor

  • Why is it so Difficult to Establish Mass Valuation Systems?   
    Richard Grove
    r, (40min)  UK
  • AVMs - a Historical Review and the Benefits and Effects of Utilizing AVM 
    Thomas Dimopoulos
    , (40min)  Cyprus.
20:00 Gala Conference Dinner
Smart Casual Attire
Agenda day 2 25 April
10:99 - 12:00

Session 4 International Perspectives of Mass Valuation
Chair Małgorzata Renigier-Biłozor

  • Protection of Personal Rights and Transparency in Mass Valuation,
    Patrick Alesandrini, (30min)  USA
  • Transitioning to a CAMA System for Taxation Purposes in Greece
    Tassos Labropoulos, (30min)  Greece 
  • A Tough Way to Future Ad Valorem Real Estate Tax - The Case of Slovakia 
    Anna Vartašová, née Románová, (30min)  Slovakia
12:00-12:30 Networking break
12:30 - 15:00

Session 5 Data as the Keystone of Valuation     
Chair Peter Ache

  • Enhancing Market Transparency in Residential Markets near Polish Airports: Causes and Solutions,
    Magda Habdas, (30min)   Poland
  • Market Data Quality and Quantity in Public Intervention:    Usefulness of AVMs in resolving neighborhood conflicts near airports,  
    Jan Konowalczuk & Iwona Forys, (30min)    Poland
  • Mass appraisal via lens of property registration abundance - an attempt of information asymmetry effects assessment
    Marek Walacik & Aneta Chmielewska&Patrick Alesandrini, (30min) Poland
  • GIS in Real Estate Valuation - The Role of Spatial Data in Modern Property Valuation,
    Marek Ogryzek (30min)   Poland
15:00-16:00 Lunch
16:00-17:00 Discussion Panel
Chair: Peter Ache
17:00 Conference Conclusions
Peter Ache & Thomas Dimopoulos

Programme in PDF


General information, summary


24-25 April 2024


NEAPOLIS UNIVERSITY, Pafos, Cyprus, 2 Danais Avenue

Leading the event:
  • Peter Ache
  • Thomas Dimopoulos
  • Malgorzata Renigier-Bilozor

International Federation of Surveyors, Commission 9




Participation in the seminar, seminar documents in digital form, catering during the breaks, dinner/lunch together (extra)

  • Submitting abstracts for presentation to March 1th 2024.
  • Registration for participation without presentation 20th of March.
    Register here
Conference venue:
  • Neapolis University Pafos, 2 Danais Avenue
Travel information:
Accommodation & Hotel

●        Please make your own arrangements

Contact and further information
  • Peter Ache, figcommission9 [at] or peterache [at], Tel.: +49 173 930 81 48
  • Malgorzata Renigier-Bilozor  malgorzata.renigier [at], Tel.: +48 531678987
    Local contact person
  • Thomas Dimopoulus, E-Mail t.dimopoulos [at], Tel.: +357 99053282



Registration fee:
  • 100 EUR - early bird, until 5 March
  • 130 EUR - after 5 March

Registration closes on 20 March