FIG Working Week, 21-26 May 2000, Prague

Plenary Session
Chairperson: Milan Klimes (Czech Republic)
Session 1
Co-operation with International Bodies and Organisations

Coordinator: Bureau
Chairperson: Christian Andreasen (USA)
Session 2 
Future Technologies

Coordinator: Commission 5
Chairperson: Dr Michel Mayoud (France)
Session 3
Quality Assurance in Surveyor's Profession

Coordinator: Commission 1
Chairperson: Klaus Rürup (Germany)
Session 4
Technical Standards and Quality

Coordinator: Commission 5
Chairperson: Prof. Jean-Marie Becker (Sweden)
Session 5
Information Systems and Information Technologies

Coordinator: Commission 3
Chairperson: Robin McLaren (UK)
Session 6
Planning and Appraisal

Coordinator: Commission 9 
Chairperson: Michael Yovino-Young (USA)
Special Session of the Task Force on Under-representative Groups in Surveying
Chairperson: Gabriele Dasse (Germany)
Session 7
New Trends in Education and Training

Coordinator: Commission 2
Chairperson: Prof. Kirsi Virrantaus (Finland)
Session 8
Public and Private Sector Partnership
and Urban Renewal
Coordinator: Commission 8
Chairperson: Helmut Brackmann (Germany)
Session 9
Future Role of Cadastre and Land Management

Coordinator: Commission 7
Chairperson: Dr. Paul Munro-Faure (UK)
Session 10
Multidisciplinary Nature of Surveying
Coordinator: Commission 1
Chairperson: Prof. John Parker (Australia)
Historical Symposium

Special Seminar of Construction Economics and Management
- organised by FIG Ad Hoc Commission on Construction Economics and the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC)

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