FIG Director attends EGoS meeting in Berlin

Berlin, Germany, 10-11 November 2006

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EGoS meeting in Berlin - President Kurt Riedl (2nd from left).

FIG Director attended the meeting of the European Group of Surveyors EGoS in Berlin 10-11 November 2006. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the co-operation between FIG and EGoS. The timing of the visit was planned so that information about EGoS will be available for the new FIG Council when it makes it new work plans and discusses co-operation with regional organisations. At the meeting the Presidency of EGoS was handed over from Kurt Rieder from Germany to Geom. Antonio Benvenuti, CNG, Italy. The new Vice Presidents of EGoS are Randolph Camilleri from Malta and Dr. Rahmi Nurhan Celik from Turkey. More information about EGoS:

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Board members of EGoS.

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Italian delegation in Berlin - Piero Panunzi, President of CNG on the left.

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