FIG Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network


The FIG Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network (AP CDN) formed in response to the FIG Pacific Small Island Development Symposium (SIDS) - Suva Statement on “Spatially Responsible Governance”, held in Lami Bay Suva – Fiji, September 2013. 

The FIG AP CDN consists of participants from our Commissions, the corporate sector, academic networks, and our sister organisations. 

The main purpose of the FIG AP CDN is to provide specialist advice on the development of geodetic and geospatial capacity in the Asia Pacific region, and to also assist countries to establish fit for purpose geodetic infrastructure and systems that supports responsible land governance and the built environment.

The activities of FIG AP CDN also are focused on (a) addressing the technical geodetic and geospatial challenges, and (b) advocating how geospatial and geodetic information can influence the socio and economic issues being faced today.

To deliver these remits, and to convene reference frame in practice workshops, seminars and meetings, FIG AP CDN will rely on the will to succeed, significant collaboration and relationship building with like-minded agencies and professional bodies, developing geodetic capacity, and the alignment or harmonisation of geodetic wants and needs with the broader objectives of a country’s government.


Geospatial and geodetic professionals have the capability to modernise geospatial reference systems and to meet future challenges.


Fiji. Damage of cyclone Winston, February 2016. Source: EMPICS.


Our Outcomes

  • Geospatial and geodetic professionals are contributing to the measurement and monitoring of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Capabilities of geospatial and geodetic professionals are developed through alliances and relationships with relevant like-minded bodies or development partners.
  • Geospatial and geodetic communities are self-reliant, have a culture of learning and innovation, and comprise of a blend of mature and young professionals, and gender.
  • Regional geospatial and geodetic challenges are resolved by a regional, unified, coordinated and collaborative approach.
  • FIG profile in the Asia Pacific region has been enhanced.

Our Activities  

  • An independent advocacy role to the geospatial and geodetic community.
  • The provision of technical, administrative and professional support and information.
  • Organising, facilitating and actively participating in
    • Discussion forums
    • Meetings
    • Seminars / Workshops
    • Technical Sessions
  • Encouraging co-operation and collaboration between countries, agencies and related professions.
  • Connecting and engaging professional networks from traditional and non-traditional industry sectors.

Rural village, Timor Leste

Low laying atoll, Tuvalu in the Pacific Ocean.


Our Performance

The success of the FIG AP CDN will be measured on our delivery of the following –

  • Support to the Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs) and the PGSC with their strategic and implementation plans to improve their geospatial and geodetic capability.
  • Participation in forums, meetings, seminars / workshops, and technical sessions to develop capacity of geospatial and geodetic professionals
  • Encourage more inclusion and assistance from both the ACADEMIC and CORPORATE sector.
  • Assistance with the development of templates for sub regional or country based strategic / operational plans for capacity building in Asia.
  • Provision of more practical and hands on Reference Frame in Practice workshops.
  • Provision of advice and advocacy of the UN initiatives, such as the Global Geodetic Reference Frame; Integrated Geospatial Information Framework; and Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Discovery of existing geodetic capability building material, and examination of possible platforms for a knowledge portal.
  • Engagement with educational institutions to explore how core competencies for geodesy can be provided.
  • Assist with the revision and updating of the FIG Publication - Reference Frame in Practice Manual.
  • Creation of a communication / fact sheet that explains the role of FIG AP CDN and its partners.


FIG AP-CDN at the FIG Working Week 2020

May 2020

FIG AP-CDN had planned two sessions during the Working Week.

During the conference days a range of articles highlighting the hot-topics, the ground breaking research, and the hidden gems in the proceedings was published. Read the FIG AP-CDN article

Report to the General Assembly

March 2020

FIG Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network has prepared a written report to the General assembly.

The full agenda is available

The General Assembly has been cancelled and postponed to 2021

SEASC 2019 Darwin Declaration

August 2019

Collaboration, Communication and Capacity Building.

Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems Workshop

June 2019

FIG Asia Pacific Capacity Development Network (AP CDN) and Commission 5 members, along with representatives from sister organisations actively participated in the “Workshop on the Applications of Global Navigation Satellite Systems”. FIG AP CDN convened two sessions, focusing on the why, how and what of organisational planning for the development of GNSS CORS infrastructure capability and geodetic datum modernisation.


More News from FIG AP CDN






Key Documents


Meet the officers


Mr. Rob Sarib
Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute, Australia
Contact: rob.sarib[at]

Our Committee

  • Dr. Matt Amos - IAG, LINZ
  • Mr. Neil Ashcroft - Leica Geosystems
  • Ms. Rosamond Bing - PGSC Chair, Tonga Gov.
  • Mr. Graeme Blick - UN SCoG, LINZ
  • Mr. Nicholas Brown – UN SCoG, Geoscience Australia
  • Ms. Allison Craddock - UN SCoG - ETCB, IGS, JPL NASA
  • Dr. John Dawson - UN GGIM AP, Geoscience Australia
  • Mr. Nic Donnelly - FIG Commission 5, LINZ
  • Mr. Viliami Folau - PGSC, Tonga Gov.
  • Ms. Sharafat Gadimova – UN OOSA ICG
  • Ms. Meizyanne Hicks - PGSC Vice Chair
  • Mr. Matt Higgins – FIG Commission 5
  • Dr. Ryan Keenan – UN SCoG – ETCB
  • Mr. Andrick Lal - PGSC, Pacific Community
  • Mr. Mikael Lilje - FIG Vice President
  • Dr. Suelynn Choy – FIG Commission 5, IAG
  • Mr. Basara Miyahara - UN GGIM AP, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan
  • Mr. Gerry Ong - President ASEAN Flag
  • Mr. Asakaia Tabua - PGSC, Fiji Gov.
  • Ms. Molly Powers-Tora - PGSC, Pacific Community
  • Mr. Randolf Vicente – Hon. President ASEAN Flag
  • Mr. Rob Sarib - Chair of FIG AP CDN, Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute

To participate in FIG AP CDN please contact -

Ms. Allison Craddock: craddock[at]
Mr. Basara Miyahara: miyahara-b96ip[at]
Mr. Rob Sarib: rob.sarib[at]


From the left: Ms. Allison Craddock, Mr. Rob Sarib and Mr. Basara Miyahara


Our Partners

FIG Commission 5
Positioning and Measurement




The activities of the FIG AP CDN will occur through cooperation with individuals or working groups affiliated
with our sister organisations, such as -

International Association of Geodesy (IAG)

International GNSS Service

UN Office of Outer Space Affairs - International Committee on GNSS

UN Global Geospatial Information Management Asia Pacific

UN Sub-Committee on Geodesy - Education Training & Capacity Building


FIG AP CDN will also collaborate with professional associations and government based agencies, namely -

Pacific Geospatial Surveying Council

Pacific Community - Geoscience Division

Geoscience Australia

Bureau of Meteorology

Land Information New Zealand

Geospatial Information Authority of Japan

JUPEM - Department of Survey and Mapping, Malaysia

Ministry of Lands & Natural Resources - Tonga

Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources
- Fiji

ASEAN Flag country members

Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (Australia)

Surveying and Spatial
New Zealand

Fiji Institute of Surveyors

Japan Association of Surveyors