FIG Commission 1 - Professional Standards and Practice


Commision 1, Chair Elect

August 2021

The General Assembly elected Mr. Timothy W. Burch from the United States of America, NSPS, as the Chair Elect of Commission 1, the elected Chair Elect term as the Chair of the Commission will be initiated at the FIG Congress 2022 for the period 2023-2026.

In the report from the General Assemble, you can also access the video presentation of the Candidate, Mr. Timothy W. Burch.

Commission 1 at FIG e-Working Week 2021

August 2021

The Working Week took place online 20-25 June 2021. Commission 1 held its annual meeting with outset in their prepared Report and Agenda.

Commission 1 was also involved in sessions covering Commission 1 areas within the theme of Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management.

To read more about Working Week 2021, the full report FIG e-Working Week 2021 is available.

Article: Key Global and Technology Drivers Impacting Surveying

February 2021

The article was published in GIM International. As the FIG commission chairs are near the halfway point in their terms, they reflect on the global and technological drivers influencing their work. This article describes the breadth of work across the FIG commissions as well as the common areas. The discussion is also informed by global reports such as the UN-GGIM’s Future Trends in Geospatial Information Management and the RICS Futures Report 2020. Enjoy the article

FIG Working (from home) Week 2020 - Proceedings

May 2020

During the conference days a range of articles highlighting the hot-topics, the ground breaking research, and the hidden gems in the proceedings was published.

FIG Commission 1 received a well coverage of technical papers for the topics related to Professional Practice, Boundaries and Women in Surveying. All the submissions are related to the theme of Smart Surveyors for FIG Working Week 2020. Apart from the papers, there is an open meeting about International Ethical Standards (IES), in which FIG members and participants can present and discuss examples of high standard practices. Once these examples are identified and discussed, the FIG Council will assess whether the current FIG Ethics Code should be updated or adapted to the IES-Code. This can finally lead to a discussion about a harmonisation or replacement of the existing Ethical Code of FIG.
Read the Commission 1 article

FIG Working Week 2020 has been cancelled

March 2020

It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the cancellation of this year’s FIG Working Week in Amsterdam due 10-14 May.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly and there are two overriding concerns that have caused us to make this decision at this time. 

First, the Dutch Government announced new measurements to control the COVID-19 outbreak. In the Netherlands all gatherings are prohibited until 1 June.

Second, our primary concern is always the wellbeing of you, and we would not take on the responsibility, during these times, to bring so many surveyors from all over the world together.

Report to the General Assembly

March 2020

FIG Commission 1 has prepared a written report to the General assembly.

The full agenda is available

The General Assembly has been cancelled and postponed to 2021.

FIG Working Week 2020 and FIG Commission 1

February 2020

The theme Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management is both relevant in a world where drinking water is a scarce resource, waste water needs to be recycled rather than seen as waste, where the sea needs to be better mapped and managed, where land resources need to be protected against sea-level rise, and where land-based fresh water habitats are threatened.

Commission 1 is planning the following sessions:

and a Working Group meeting on -


Commission 1 Newsletter 2019

Read about the Commission 1 activities throughout 2019

Commission 1 at FIG Working Week 2019

The Working Week took place in Hanoi, Vietnam 22-26 April 2019. Commission 1 held its yearly meeting and was involved in several sessions covering the commission 1 areas.

Commission 1 Newsletter December 2018

This is the last newsletter from Brian Coutts, chair of FIG Commission 1 2015-2018. Read update on the commission activities:

Preparing for the FIG Working Week

Winnie SHIU, Chair Elect of Commission 1, met with Anh Ngoc Nhuyen, the contact of the technical session of Commission 1, in Hanoi in early November.  It was a fruitful discussion for planning the technical programme for Commission 1 in the FIG Working Week in Hanoi 2019.

Anh Ngoc Nhuyen and Winnie SHIU

Message from incoming chair

Dear National Delegates of Commission 1,

I'm pleased being the Chair-Elect of FIG Commission 1 'Professional Standards and Practice’.

Submission of abstracts for Peer Reviewed and Non-peer Reviewed Papers for the FIG Working Week 2019 in Hanoi Vietnam will be closed on 1.10.2018 and 1.11.2018 respectively. The theme of the conference is 'Geospatial Information for a Smarter Life and Environmental Resillience'. It will be great for the delegates from various countries be able to listen and share your expertise and views in the areas of Professional Ethics and Standards, International Boundaries and Women in Surveying. Click for details of the Working Week and I look forward to receiving your submission and seeing you at the Working Week in Vietnam.

Please feel free to contact me at

Winnie SHIU
Chair Elect Commission 1

Commission 1 Newsletter 2017

Read the latest newsletter from Commission 1with updates on the Working Week 2017 and news from the Working Groups

Commisson 1 at the FIG Working Week 2017 in Helsinki, Finland 29 May - 2 June

Commission 1 had its annual meeting during the FIG Working Week 2017 in Helsinki, Finland 29 May - 2 June 2017

Commission chairs 2015-2018 at their meeting during the FIG Working Week, 29 May-2 June in Helsinki, Finland: Remy Boudon(comm. 6) Volker Schwieger (comm. 5), See Lian ONG (comm. 10), Angela Etuonovbe (comm. 4), Steven Nystrom (comm. 9), Kwame Tenadu (comm. 8), Enrico Rispoli (comm. 3), Gerda Schennach (comm. 7), Fahria Masum(comm. 2), Brian J. Coutts (comm. 1)

Commisson 1 at the FIG Working Week 2016 in Christchurch, New Zealand 2-6 May

Commission 1 had its annual meeting during the FIG Working Week 2016 in Christchurch, New Zealand, 2-6 May 2016

Commission chairs 2015-2018 at their meeting during the FIG Working Week, 2-6 May 2016 in Christchurch, New Zealand: Brian J. Coutts (comm. 1), E.M.C. (Liza) Groenendijk (comm. 2), Enrico Rispoli (comm. 3), Angela Etuonovbe (comm. 4), Volker Schwieger (comm. 5), Diane Dumashie (Vice president), Ivo Milev (comm. 6)., Gerda Schennach (comm. 7), Steven Nystrom (comm. 9), See Lian ONG (comm. 10) and Eva-Maria Unger (YSN)

Newsletter - November 2015

Commission 1 at the FIG Working Week in Sofia, Bulgaria 17-21 May 2015

  Commission 1 had its annual meeting during the FIG Working Week 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria, 17-21 May 2015.

Commission 1 at the FIG Working Week 2013 in Abuja, Nigeria 6-10 May 2013

Commission 1 had its annual meeting during the FIG Working Week 2013 in Abuja, Nigeria, 6-10 May 2013.  Commission 1 report

Commission 1 Workshop, The Changing Role of the Surveying Professional? Looking towards 2020

ANNOUNCEMENT: Former Commission 1 Chair Klaus Rürup passed away March 2013

Klaus Rürup passed away 11 March 2013. He was born 2 April 1947 and was from 1994 to 1998 secretary of FIG Commission 1. Furthermore he was appointed Chair of Commission 1 from 2001-2005. Klaus Rürup will be remembered as a very active and inspiring person in Commission 1 as well as a faithful and generous supporter of FIG Foundation.

Commission 1 Newsletter April 2012

Commission 1 at the FIG Working Week 2012 in Rome, Italy, 6-10 May 2012

Brian J. Coutts

Commission 1 had its annual meeting during the FIG Working Week 2012 in Rome, Italy, 6-10 May 2012. The General Assembly elected Mr. Brian J. Coutts from New Zealand as the Chair Elect of Commission 1 for 2013-2014.

FIG Commission 1 on LinkedIn

Commission 1, WG 1.5, together with Young Surveyors Network, wants to explore the use of social media. Therefore a sub group of the FIG group on LinkedIn has been created. Please join the FIG Commission 1 Group.

Commission 1 at the FIG Working Week, May 2011 Marrakech Morocco

Commission 1 at the FIG Congress 2010 in Sydney, Australia, 11-16 April 2010

Click picture for bigger format.
Leonie Newnham

Commission 1 had its annual meeting during the FIG Congress 2010 in Sydney, Australia, 11-16 April 2010. The General Assembly appointed Ms. Leonie Newnham from Australia as the Chair of Commission 1 for 2011-2014.

FIG Working Week 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden, 14-19 June 2008

Commission 1 Annual Meeting was held in Stockholm, Sweden during the FIG Working Week 2008, 14-19 June 2008, web site of the conference: Proceedings, technical sessions and papers are available here.
Commission 1 Annual Report for the General Assembly as a .pdf-file.

Young Surveyors Working Group - Newsletter December 2008

FIG Guide on Standards - revised edition June 2006

Commission 1 Newsletter - October 2006

Business Matters for Professionals

FIG General Assembly has endorsed FIG Publication no 29 - Business Matters for Professionals - A Guide to support professionals in the task of business management at its meeting in Washington, DC in April 2002. The report is prepared by FIG Commission 1 Working Group 2 on Business Practices. The report is now available on the FIG web site. It is available also in .pdf-format. Presentation in PowerPoint is also available.

Under-represented Groups in Surveying

The latest Newsletter of the Under-represented Groups in Surveying - January 2008.

FIG Standards Network

The FIG Standards Network is continuing the work of an FIG Task Force which was established in 1998 in response to concerns from the Commissions, the Council and the General Assembly that standards were becoming increasingly important in the work of surveyors, and that the issue was not being addressed sufficiently by FIG.

The Network's terms of reference are as follows:

  • Building and maintaining relations with the secretariats of standardisation bodies;
  • Proposing priorities on FIG's standardisation activities, including advising the Council on priorities for spending;
  • Setting up necessary Liaison relationships with standardisation bodies;
  • Ensuring that lead contacts to Technical Committees etc are in place;
  • Maintaining an information flow on standardisation to FIG members, including through the FIG website and FIG Bulletin, and more directly to relevant Commission Officers;
  • Maintaining the Guide on Standardisation (last revised June 2006), and related material on the FIG website;
  • Working with other NGOs, within the framework of the MOUs signed by the Council; and
  • Advising FIG's officers and members on standardisation activities as necessary.

The Network sees itself as at the hub of FIG standardisation activity, making the necessary linkages and providing the necessary advice to commissions and others.