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"Listening World Tour" - get to know UN-GGCE

20 February 2024, online meetings at 08:30 UTC and 16:00 UTC

Virtual meetings between FIG, IHO and ISO and the United Nations Global Geodetic Centre of Excellence - UN-GGCE

FIG invites interested within FIG to attend one of two online sessions to learn more about UN-GGCE.

One of the UN-GGCE roles is to support partners such as FIG, IHO and ISO to continue to deliver on their mission and objectives. In particular, joining land and sea, developing modern Geospatial Reference Systems, enhancing capacity and ensuring FAIR data.

The staff at the UN-GGCE would like to meet with representatives from FIG, IHO and ISO, listen and better understand how UN-GGCE can assist each organisation.

Therefore, they invite all interested to attend an online meeting to discuss.

FIG encourages interested to attend one of the two sessions that will be offered on 20 February 2024. The sessions will be identical, however taking different time zones into consideration.

Register and join

The two sessions will be offered as Microsoft Teams meetings:

Session A: 20 February 2024 at 08:30 UTC Register for this meeting
Session B: 20 February 2024 at 16:00 UTC Register for this meeting

After you register, you will receive an email with a calendar invitation and the link to join on the day.

Provisional Agenda

  1. Welcome and brief introduction of UN-GGCE staff
  2. Brief introduction on UN-GGCE vision and strategic objectives
  3. Listening to participants. Discussion topics include:
    1. What are the key problems your organizations are facing?
    2. What challenges do these problems lead to?
    3. How could UN-GGCE assist solving these problems?
    4. How can UN-GGCE best interact with your organizations?
    5. What does success in our collaboration look like 1 year from now?
    6. Who would you like UN-GGCE to engage with?
    7. What could we do right now that would help you?
    8. Do you have events coming up where you think it would be useful to engage? And how would you recommend we engage?
    9. Are there other representatives who aren’t here you think we should talk to?
  4. Summary, next steps and close.

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Louise Friis-Hansen
4 January 2024