News in 2020

The future of our professional work - call to action

May 2020

The Task Force on FIG Governance was installed at the General Assembly in 2019 to look into possible amendments and changes in the FIG Statutes and Internal Rules. A questionnaire and consultation took place virtually during 2nd half of 2019.

Based on the results from the first round of consultations, several consultations with FIG members were planned during the FIG Working Week and General Assembly 2020, but due to the COVID-19 cancellation of the event, these consultations did not take place.

We are now asking you for your active participation.

As part of the Governance Task Force consultation with FIG members in 2019, they were asked for their ideas, comments and considered view of the changing professional landscape, i.e. the future trends and impacts on our professional work. 

The responses are overviewed in a

The purpose of requesting this is to use member’s insights for three reasons: 

  1. First and for the purposes of the task force remit, it creates a shared understanding of the future currently faced by our profession. 
  2. Second, it may be used by member associations (MA’s) to promote consideration of what their individual members require of their own organisations given the future work landscape
  3. Finally, it provides a basis for FIG to facilitate a wider discussion between all FIG members

It is hoped that members will find this piece thought provoking and encourages you to lead your own members down a path of scenario engagement.

Above all,  the Task Force is issuing to our members, a ‘Call to Action’: You are encouraged to share with us your own thinking and your own Member Association’s material of the Future of our Professional Work

Do let us know and this may be uploaded to the task force web site at the end of June 2020.

Please send your material and thoughts to Louise Friis-Hansen before 26 June 2020

See all documents, reports and progress updates on the Task Force web site - here you will find update reports, results from questionnaire and Frequently Asked Questions.



Diane Dumashie
Chair of the Task Force FIG Governance 2021
29 May 2020