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From the Wisdom of the Ages to the Challenges of the Modern World, FIG Working Week 2015 - preparation meeting

Sofia, Bulgaria, 29-31 October 2013

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Bulgarian Minister of Investigation Design Ivan Danov, Louise Friis-Hansen, FIG, Director General Valentin Yovev and President Yanakiev Angel Krumov

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Visiting the Bulgarian Cartography and Cadastre Agency

Although we are in the midst of the preparations for the coming FIG Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 16-21 June 2014, the preparations for the Working Week 2015 have also started. At Intergeo in Essen, Germany the exhibition and sponsor plans were presented to potential exhibitors and the local organisers, together with FIG, have already outlined the overall program and events for the Working Week.

FIG Manager Louise Friis-Hansen visited Sofia 29-31 October 2013 to discuss the details of the Working Week together with the local organising committee. LOC organised a visit to the Bulgarian Cartography and Cadastre Agency to meet the new elected Director General, Valentin Yovev and his engaged staff. The engagement of the agency in the Working Week was on the agenda, and FIG appreciates the support and interest from the Agency.

During the visit the Director General organised a meeting with the also new elected minister of the Ministry of Investigation Design, architect Ivan Danov. He showed his interest in the Working Week, and gave his full support. Bulgaria has for several years worked intensely on the cadastral and mapping area, and during the visit, the minister managed to secure funds in the Parliament to the cadastral and mapping area in order to further develop the area.

As symbol for the FIG 2015 Working Week, the Local organisers have chosen to use the national theatre Ivan Vazov. This is the first theatre in Bulgaria and the national culture institute. The building is one of the main symbols of the city and the country and it is more than 100 years old. The name comes from the famous Bulgarian writer, Ivan Vazov who iss the patriarch of Bulgarian literature. With his creations he has kept the Bulgarian spirit alive through the ages. This is a building that influences every Bulgarian citizen. Furthermore Sofia is a city with a long history and many interesting sights. Only 15 minutes drive out of Sofia leads you in the middle of the mountains where there are many hiking possibilities.

The Working Week will take place at the National Palace of Culture – Congress Centre Sofia. For experienced FIG supporters, this is a well known congress centre, since FIG used the same venue at its last FIG annual meeting in 1983. It is an impressive conference Centre and FIG will occupy the top floors. The exhibition will take place in the areas outside the large plenary hall which will ensure a lot of activity.

The local organising committee led by Co-conference director Zlatan Zlatanov and President Yanakiev Angel Krumov both from the Chamber of Graduated Surveyors, Bulgaria have already held several meetings for the preparations of the Working Week.

Louise Friis-Hansen
December 2013

19 December 2013