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Geo-Plus is widely known in the Canadian software technology market in AEC (architecture, engineering, construction). Since the beginning of the business in 1987, thousands of worldwide clients have used our products and services. Our Vision suite includes more than 16 3D measurement, 3D structure, geometry, cadastre and document management software related to the territories.
Most of our software are fully integrated with AutoCAD®, Civil3D®, MicroStation®, PowerDraft® and Bricscad® platforms. Our line of solutions is consistently at the forefront of CAD/GIS technology. The key to the success of our company and the reason for choosing us is the innovation of our products and the promptness of the technical support service.
In conclusion, whatever land management industry you’re in, there is a Geo-Plus solution to make your life easier and increase your productivity.


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2077 Michelin Street
Laval, Quebec
H7L 5B7
Tel. (+1) 800.672.1733
E-mail Accounting[at]
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