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The FIG Foundation Statutes

(adopted by the FIG Council 25 January 2007)

These statutes as a .pdf-file (79 KB)

  1. The name of the Foundation is The FIG Foundation (”the Foundation”).
  2. The Foundation is established under the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) which is registered under Danish legislation in Denmark with a permanent office in Copenhagen.
  3. The purpose of the Foundation is the funding of educational and capacity building projects and scholarships.

The objects for which the Foundation is established are:

  1. To give grants and scholarships to projects, for instance to develop curricula for surveying education, training and capacity building, especially in developing countries;
  2. To encourage research into all disciplines of surveying and to disseminate the results of that research;
  3. To promote high standards of education and training for surveyors and to facilitate continuing professional development;
  4. To educate people in the disciplines of surveying, particularly in developing countries and countries in transition;
  5. To promote the use of distance learning, networking , eLearning and knowledge management if surveying education and continuing professional development;
  6. To promote the exchange of surveying personnel for greater understanding of all facets of the profession of surveying;
  7. To support by seed funding conferences, meetings of young surveyors and similar events in co-operation with international agencies such as the United Nations.
  1. The Foundation is administered by the FIG Office and directed by a Board of Directors. The five (5) Directors are appointed by the FIG Council. The majority of the Directors shall have expertise in education in surveying disciplines and be familiar with FIG. One of the Directors shall be one of the Vice Presidents of FIG. The remaining Directors shall not be members of the FIG Council. The FIG Council appoints one of the Directors to be the President of the Foundation.
  2. The Foundation may use fifty (50) per cent of its annual income for projects implementing its aims. This amount can be exceeded for special circumstances.
  3. The funds of the Foundation shall not be used to support the normal activities of FIG, for instance to support travel to conferences or visits to member associations.
  4. The Directors shall announce to FIG members once a year the scholarships and grants available from the Foundation. These announcements will be distributed through normal FIG information channels.
  5. If there are insufficient applications meeting the criteria set by the Directors submitted in any year to use all of the funds available for distribution in that year, the Directors will decide whether the unused funds will be carried forward for use in the following year, or used for increasing the Foundation’s assets, or a mixture of these two options.
  6. The accounting year of the Foundation is the calendar year. Accounts shall be prepared in conjunction with the FIG accounts and shall be audited together with the FIG accounts. The accounts and annual report of the Foundation shall be submitted to the General Assembly of FIG for its information. The annual report will include information on fundraising activities undertaken and grants given.
  7. If the Foundation is closed for any reason, any remaining Foundation funds shall be used for the purposes expressed in the objects of the Foundation on decision of the FIG General Assembly.
  8. Changes to these statutes may be made by the FIG Council.

FIG Office 18 March 2008



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