FIG Council announcement on the current situation in Ukraine

General position of FIG

FIG is a global non-political organisation founded in 1878. FIG events have since 1878 included all who want to participate in order to enhance dialogue – regardless of their religion, their political conviction, their colour of skin, their nationality, or... From a scientific point of view it is important that science wins over war.

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The ISC has a clear position on conference and events boycotts ( ) since it withdraws the right from those concerned to engage in scientific enquiry, pursue and communicate knowledge, and to associate freely in such activities.

FIG published this statement on 1 March: FIG Statement

Specific decisions of FIG

In this current and highly unusual situation especially regarding the high number of refugees in our hosting country Poland we announce that Russian participants and delegates are not welcome at the Congress 2022 until further notice. FIG President will write to all Russian members of FIG and ask them not to register and to not attend.


FIG Council
11 March 2022