Once again the FIG Young Surveyors European Network is going further and this time the place to be is Sofia, Bulgaria.

After several great successes of the FIG YS events, such as the 1st FIG YSEM held in Lisbon two years ago and the 2nd FIG YSEM which took place in Berlin in October 2014, during which we witnessed a compelling turnout of Young Surveyors from various countries and an outstanding team work. European Young Surveyors are eager to take the Network’s initiative even further. Thus organize the

3rd FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting in Sofia on
16th May 2015

It is a 1 day event featuring a wide range of dynamic activities, put together by the organizing committee. The meeting will cover different aspects of our vision, challenges and developments in our future, throughout workshops, group discussions and presentations. This event is of major importance in promoting our network, advancing our joint efforts and establishing a solid fundament for future development.
Furthermore, this is a great opportunity to participate in the following FIG Working Week, during 17-21 of May Sofia, Bulgaria.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Sofia with European Young Surveyors together for tomorrow’s challenges!
Note: to participate in the meeting, please register before the 15th of April 2015.


Application for Funds to Attend and Participate in the 2015 FIG Working Week & 3rd FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting - Deadline 25 March 2015

It is a great honour to announce the 3rd FIG Young Surveyors European meeting in Sofia (Bulgaria) on May 16th 2015 and we want to invite you to join us in the third birthday of this encounter. The FIG Foundation has decided to provide a number of grants in support of young surveyors attending the 2015 FIG Working Week and 3rd FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting. These grants are available to all young surveyors who meet the definition of a young surveyor as defined below (regardless of where you live).


To qualify for the funds, you must meet the requirements to be Young Surveyors as FIG defines:
Young Surveyors (YS)

  • Surveyors aged 35 years or under
  • Students of surveying and all related studies

Young Surveying Professionals (YSP)

  • Young Professionals of surveying and all related studies within
  • 10 years of graduation from a Bachelor or Masters degree