We are delighted to have received your contributions and your support to the technical programme, which will result in a successful conference. Below you will find some useful information.



The submission has closed!


Please use this template when writing your paper:


When preparing the paper, please follow this template:

Full papers shall be submitted to FIG in electronic format to:

If you have problems with email the paper can be submitted (in electronic format) by mailing it to:

International Federation of Surveyors
Kalvebod Brygge 31-33
DK-1780 Copenhagen V
Tel + 45 3886 1081
Fax + 45 3886 0252

Please include at the end of your paper all your contact details, including name, address, phone and fax numbers and email address.

When submitting a paper the author(s) agree that FIG has the right to publish the paper in the conference proceedings (at the conference and on the FIG web site); in the FIG Surveyors Reference Library; and in the FIG online journal (if selected for this purpose) without any other agreement or compensation. The copyright of the paper remains by the author(s).

Receipt of your paper will be acknowledged electronically according to the time schedules.




The aim of the Peer Review is to

  • proof, assure and improve the quality of the paper
  • offer the authors the possibility of an external check for their professional work
  • offer academic proof for a scientific publication
General Procedure
  • This review is “double-blind”, which means that at least 2 independent experts are reviewing each paper twice.
  • The paper will be made anonymous beforehand. In other words: the reviewer does not know the originator of this paper.
  • In the case of disputed reviews, an additional review will be obtained, or the Chief Editor will resolve the dispute
  • Reviewers may judge papers according to: content, technical correctness, material clearly presented, topic properly quoted, grammatically and linguistically correctness and originality etc.
  • Authors will be informed of the method of computation of the overall score.
  • Overall assessment criteria for papers is
    • AAA - Accepted without changes
    • AA - Accepted with minor changes changes
    • A - Accepted with major changes changes
    • NA - Not accepted

In the conference programme a paper that has been accepted by the peer review process will be marked “This is a peer reviewed paper”. Papers that are not accepted by the peer review process can be offered to the conference as non peer reviewed papers.

If you want to present a peer review paper at the FIG Working Week 2015 you shall submit your full paper by 20 October 2014. When preparing the paper, please follow the guidelines prepared for papers. Please feel free to submit a paper on any topic related to the specific topics of FIG 2014.

Deadlines for different steps can be seen below under important dates.

Important: In addition to submitting the full paper, you shall also submit an abstract of your paper online to FIG database on the following web site: Please mark “This abstract is submitted for peer review”.

The number of papers for peer review is limited to a maximum of one paper per author.



Location: To be announced
Opening hour: To be announced

All Speakers are requested to visit the Speakers’ preparation room at least 24 hours prior to the start of your session. There will be technicians waiting to assist you. You are required to have your presentation on an USB Memory Stick, CD-Rom, or External Portable Hard Drive, and the technician will download your presentation to the central system. You will help the technicians by having the session number of your presentation ready so that we can make sure that your presentation will be sent to the correct session room. Please notice that there are no computers available for elaboration on your presentation.

Please notice that you are required to bring your presentation to the speakers preparation room, you can not bring it directly to the session room. If you do not have any visual aids or requirements you must still check in at the Speakers’ preparation room to inform the technicians that you are present.

It is important that your presentation is named correctly so that it can be showed in the session. Please name your presentation in the following way:

Technical session:
If one author: ts02j_henninger_3808_ppt.ppt(x)
If two authors: ts02i_battilana_geoffrey_3739_ppt.ppt(x)
If more than two authors: ts02h_rokos_kyriazis_et_al_3916_ppt.ppt(x)

Presentations must be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint and saved onto a CD-Rom, USB Memory Stick or External Portable Hard Drive. Floppy Disks, 35mm Slides and Over Head Transparencies are not accepted.

No own laptops are allowed. Your presentation must be shown through the computer in the room with your session. Presenters who wish to use their own laptop due to special software requirements are requested to check this at the Speakers’ preparation room. Again, please check in at the Speakers’ preparation Booth 24 hours prior to your presentation.



In the technical session there will be a chair and a rapporteur. The chair will introduce you to the audience based on the information that you have included in your paper. The chair will be responsible that all speakers in the session will have same time to make their presentation. He/she will also reserve some time for questions/discussion either after each presentation or at the end of the session. Number of papers per session varies, so please follow the instructions of the chair in your session. There may be some last minute changes (e.g. drop outs) that may impact the time schedule. The role of the rapporteur is to evaluate the session.


Non Peer Reviewed papers
Peer Reviewed Papers
15 November 2014 20 October 2014
Deadline for authors to submit non peer reviewed abstracts. Deadline for authors to submit full papers for peer review.
20 January 2015 15 December 2014
Confirmation to authors of acceptance of non peer reviewed abstracts. First notification to authors of acceptance of peer reviewed papers.
For accepted papers, authors will also be notified of any modifications required by the reviewers.
Authors of papers not accepted for peer review will be offered to convert the paper to the non peer review process.
10 January 2015
Deadline for authors to submit revised full paper for 2nd round of peer review (depending on proposed corrections from reviewers).
7 February 2015
Second notification to authors of acceptance of peer reviewed papers with the possibility of further modifications from the 2nd round of peer review.
All Papers (peer reviewed and non peer reviewed)
28 February 2015
Early bird registration closes
Deadline for all authors to register.
1 March 2015
Deadline for all authors to submit Full Papers.
31 March 2015
First draft of the technical programme will be published on the web.
10 April 2015
Deadline for normal registration.
17-21 May 2015