Expert Group Meeting on secure land tenure:
'new legal frameworks and tools in Asia & Pacific'

Organised by
FIG Commission 7, UN-HABITAT, The World Bank and
UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

supported by
Austrian Development Agency (ADA), Austria,
Vienna Institute for Development & Cooperation (VIDC), Austria
Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency, The Netherlands
Institute for Geoinformation Science and Earth Observation, the Netherlands
the United Nations University, Japan

UN Conference Centre Bangkok Thailand
Rajdamnern Nok Avenue, Bangkok
Conference Room 4
8 - 9 December 2005

Programme and Proceedings

Thursday, December 8, 2005

09:00-09:30 Opening session
Master of Ceremonies: Mr Paul van der Molen

Mr Keith Bell, Senior Land Administration Specialist, East Asia Pacific Region, World Bank (USA)
Mr Jan Meeuwissen, Senior Human Settlement Officer UN/Habitat (Japan)
Mr Paul van der Molen, Chair FIG Commission 7 (The Netherlands)
Mr Ravi Ratnayake, Director Poverty and Development Division (Thailand)

09:30-10:30 Session 1: Issue in general
Chair: Mr Paul van der Molen
Rapporteur: Mr Christiaan Lemmen

Mr Keith Bell (USA)
Title: land administration and management - the need for innovative approaches to land policy and tenure security
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Ms Clarissa Augustinus (Kenya)
Title: global network for pro poor land tools
[ paper ] [ slides ]


10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-12:30 Session 2: Innovative approaches (land management)
Chair: Mr Yap Kioe Sheng
Rapporteur: Mr Miguel Perez-Ludena

Ms Analiza Rebuelta-Teh (Philippines)
Title: land administration and management in the Philippines: reforms and innovations
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Mr Thilak Hewawasam (Sri Lanka)
Title: an innovative participatory development induced involuntary resettlement experience in Sri Lanka - setting the stage for making involuntary resettelers voluntary project partners and beneficiaries
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Mr Dang Ho Vo (Vietnam)
Title: the Vietnamese land law 2003 and significant renovations on land policy towards the country's industrialization
[ paper ] [ slides ]


12:30-13:30 Lunch Break
13:30-15:00 Session 3: Innovative approaches (land tenure)
Chair: Mr Keith Bell
Rapporteur: Mr Arbind Tuladhar

Ms Jude Wallace (Australia)
Title: using remedies to secure access to land – regularising occupation
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Mr Siraj Sait (Kenya)
Title: islamic land law in Afghanistan – innovative land tools and strategies
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Mr Paul Rabé (The Netherlands)
Title: land sharing in Phnom Penh Cambodia - an innovative but insufficient instrument of secure tenure for the poor
[ paper ] [ slides ]


15:00-15:30 Break
15:30-17:30 Session 4: Innovative approaches (tools)
Chair: Ms Clarissa Augustinus
Rapporteur: Mr Jan Meeuwissen

Mr Bo Gustafson (USA)
Title: optimised data acquisition processes and tools for land administration
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Mr Christiaan Lemmen (Netherlands)
Title: developments in the core cadastral domain model
(Paper: Paul van der Molen and Christiaan Lemmen (The Netherlands): unconventional approaches to land administration; earlier presented to an EGM held in Nairobi, Kenya)
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Mr Arbind Tuladhar (Netherlands/Nepal)
Title: innovative use of Remote Sensing images for pro poor land management
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Mr Spike Boydell (Fiji & South Pacific)
Title: secure land tenure in the south Pacific region - developing the toolkit
[ paper ] [ slides ]


Friday, December 9, 2005

09:00-10:30 Session 5: Policies and innovations
Chair: Mr Don Grant
Rapporteur: Ms Rakai Mele

Mr Puthiyavalappil Rajasekah (India)
Title: Bhoomi: an eConveyancing (Indian) solution for secure land tenure
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Mr M. Sandaar (Mongolia)
Title: development of cadastral survey and land ownership registration system in Mongolia
Paper: Bagadai Naranchimeg (Mongolia): critical issues regarding to the development of efficient national land information system in Mongolia
[ paper ] [ slides ]


10:30-11:00 Break
11:00-12:30 Session 6: Lessons learned - good and bad (some countries as an example)
Chair: Mr Spike Boydell
Rapporteur: Mr Tran Nhu Trung

Mr Sovann Sar (Cambodia)
Title: systematic land registration in Cambodia – participation, capacity building and team work
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Mr Vilaphone Virachit (Lao PDR)
Title: the Lao land titling project - innovative land tools in Lao PDR, by: Vilaphone Virachit (Lao PDR) and Chris Lunnay (Australia)
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Mr Pedro de Sousa Xavier (Timor-Leste)
Title: Timor-Leste land administration - a long way to go, but we have started
[ paper ] [ slides ]


12:30-13:30 Lunch Break


Session 7: Land Management
Chair: Mr Arbind Tuladhar
Rapporteur: Ms Bagadain Naranchimeg

Mr Tran Nhu Trung (Vietnam)
Title: Vietnam land administration - views from poverty alleviation and small & medium enterprise development, by: Dang Hung Vo and Tran Nhu Trung (Vietnam)
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Evelyn Tehrani (UK)
Title: between a rock and a hard place – negotiating a space for the poor in expanding cities, by: Geoffrey Payne and Evelyn Tehrani (UK)
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Ms Debolina Kundu (India)
Title: urban land management, tenurial security and poor: an overview of policies and tools of intervention with special reference to Delhi, India, by: Debolina Kundu and Amitabh Kundu (India)
[ paper ] [ slides ]


15:00-15:30 Break
15:30-16:30 Session 8: Asia & Reconstruction
Chair: Mr Dang Ho Vo
Rapporteur: Mr Bo Gustafson

Mr Chris Lunnay (Australia)
Title: land administration in the Asian region - challenges and opportunities
[ paper ] [ slides ]

Mr Benny (Indonesia)
Title: reconstruction of land administration system in Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (Nad) and Nias; by: Joyo Winoto (Indonesia)
[ paper ] [ slides ]


16:30-18:00 Session 9: Discussion about findings, conclusions and recommendations
Chair: Paul van der Molen
Rapporteur: Christiaan Lemmen
[ paper ] [ slides ]
Extra paper Guo Renzhong and Yang Chengyum (China)
Title: the legal framework for land tenure in China
[ paper ] [ slides ]

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