Carpathian Wine Way

Idea of establishing of Wine Way also in Slovak Republic rises only recently as a necessity to advise of Carpathian Region and to introduce it to our and foreign visitors.

Carpathian Wine Way goes through former royal towns as Bratislava, Svätý Jur, Pezinok and Modra and contiguous Carpathian villages of Bratislava region, Pezinok region and Trnava region.

Viniculture tradition, old history, which is rich represented by ancient monuments, well-preserved folklore and boldness of vineyard houses, cooking specialities, interesting fauna and flora connected with possibility to have a rest in a nature, are an interesting article for visitors and for attractive entertainment and advice.

Among the attractions belongs also a visit of Carpathian viniculture museum in Pezinok or School Property in Modra, which is connected with tasting of superior wine of this area and abed to establish commerce and knowledge exchange of wine-dressers.

Area of Small Carpathian is rich on culture-historical monuments. Above Častá village and Píla village there is Červený kameň Castle from the 13th century, above Smolenice town there is Smolenice Castle from the 19th century, in Svätý Jur there we can find Great Moravia roost from the 10th century, renaissance Pálffy Castle from 17th century, Ruins of Biely kameň Castle from the 14th century. In all towns and villages are beautiful churches many of them from 13th – 14th century (i.e. in Rača, Doľany, Dolné Orešany, Modra, Svätý Jur, Šenkvice), Chapels, Monasteries (i.e. in Pezinok, Svätý Jur), Bellhouses (i.e. in Smolenice, Svätý Jur, Viničné) and other historical monuments.

There are many attractions as i.e. tradition of folk culture in Vajnory, which is characterized beautiful costume, architecture, painting on walls of houses with folk motives and brass music. Slovenský Grob is famous for baked goose. From the handicrafts point of view is famous i.e. majolica of Modra, which is favourite souvenir for all visitors.

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