Quo Vadis - International Conference
FIG Working Week 2000, 21-26 May, Prague


National Geoinformation Infrastructure of the Czech Republic - Preliminary View of Nemoforum

by Milan Konečný and Dr Josef Hojdar

Key words: 

National Geoinformation Infrastructure of the Czech Republic - Preliminary View of Nemoforum

1. Introduction

  • Czech geospatial information community - Czech Association for Geoinformation (CAGI)
  • Czech Office of Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre (COMSC)
  • Nemoforum - link between public administration and private sector (professionals, firms, universities etc.)
  • Working group on NGII
  • National information infrastructure
    • in tne Czech Republic represented by programme and document State Information Policy. Action Plan supporting Public Administration activities

2. Geoinformation Systems and IT GIS - limits of development and use

  • Study in frames of Czech Grant Agency -
  • Barriers and limits for development in GIS, perspectives
  • high costs (not too rational design and implementation, qualified personal)
  • slow transfer to digital forms of maps
  • insufficient use of high IT for data acquisition
  • limited access to national-wide databases
  • GI business and commerce as important part of economy not yet
  • lack of classification systems
  • lack of quality evaluation
  • lack of professionals
  • unclear position of geodata in legal system
  • conditions for use of geodata produced by public administration
  • limited knowledge of foreign approaches and results

3. National Geoinformation Infrastructure of the Czech Republic - state of art and perspectives

  • National information infrastructure
  • Office for State Information System
  • State Information Policy
  • Czech Forum for State information Policy
  • Basic theses of development of IS in public sector
  • Czech Geoinformation Infrastructure (NGII)
  • Cooperation of private and public sector
  • Czech Association for Geoinformation
  • Czech Office of Surveying, Mapping and and Cadastre
  • Acknowledged by State Information Policy

4. Concept of NGII

  • Part of National Information Infrastructure
  • Developing in frames of the State Information Policy (NII)
  • Technical conditions for geodata processing and geoinformation user oriented outputs
  • No deep problems, solved in frames of NII
  • Organizational, financial and other conditions influencing the access to geodata and geoinformation
  • unified approach on governmental level (or not ?)
  • ownership of data
  • author´s copyrights
  • responsibility for quality of data
  • cooperation of public and private sector
  • free access
  • charging of data outputs - access by free
  • data supply - public service or not ?
  • more changes in legislation necessary
  • Basic data sets
  • spatial identification and spatial localization
  • DB of spatial identifiers
  • cadastral (1:1000), 1:10000 and 1:50000 maps, terrain model
  • Knowledge of existing datasets of geodata
  • metainformation systems
  • national clearing house - MetaIS CAGI of geodatasets
  • purpose-oriented metaIS at different subjects
  • Standardization
  • adoption of CEN and ISO standards
  • user-oriented specific national standards - transfer formats
  • metadata description
  • indirect reference system
  • Qualification of professionals
  • higher theoretical background
  • international contacts
  • top scientific specialists
  • university profiles - profiles of students
  • continuing professional programs
  • Knowledge level of users incl. potential
  • broad information campaign
  • typical ways of use
  • support to economy, general education and better knowledge

5. International cooperation and contacts

  • European programmes
  • EUROGI, DG XIII and others
  • global and European activities (GSDI, EGII, Global Mapping, Digital Earth - 2003 in Prague ?)
  • Agenda of Small Countries
  • coordination of all activities - more benefits to Czech authorities and subjects

6. Conclusions

  • Need for National Geoinformation Infrastructure is obvious - NGII programme under development in frames of Nemoforum
  • Background in State Information Policy (NII)
  • Leading subjects - COMSC and CAGI
  • Not yet recognition of importance of GI industry and g-commerce
  • International cooperation could speed up the development in CR

Milan Konečný
Masaryk University

Dr. Josef Hojdar
Regionáini Informacni Systémy
Italská 34
CS-120 00 Prague 2
Tel. + 420 2 2225 0015
Fax + 420 2 2225 2291
E-mail: hojdar@mbox.vol.cz

Both writers are representatives of the Czech Association for Geoinformation and the Nemoforum

21 June 2000

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