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FIG Newsletter – June 2019

Dear Colleague,

It has been a while since the last newsletter was sent out - I do hope that you have missed it... We are back again with news from FIG. First and foremost thanks to those who made it to Hanoi, Vietnam for the FIG Working Week in April; and for those who could not attend, please find in this newsletter a report, the proceedings and other information about the Working Week. A big thanks to the local organisers who had made a big effort to make this Working Week very special.
We are now looking ahead towards 2020, and the local organisers are asking you to fill in a short questionnaire in order to prepare a inspiring and relevant exhibition.

Article of the Month

Each month on the FIG web site we publish a paper called the Article of the Month.

March/April 2019: Working with FIG for 25 years on socio-economic innovations by Clarissa Augustinus, FIG Honorary Ambassador. This article is based on a speech presented at the FIG 140 Year Anniversary and Handover Event in November 2018. Clarissa Augustinus has been working together with FIG since 1993 as an academic, public figure and a partner in her capacity as leader of the UN-Habitat/Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) and this speech is a special insight and personal journey through her work in the field of land administration and surveying together with FIG. This presentation will hopefully also give some ideas on how to bring about change through collaboration at national and global levels.   

May/June 2019: Timing - Spatial Information System Is The Information Infrastructure to Develop the Smart World by Dang Hung Vo and Pham Van Cu (Vietnam). This article was the first plenary presentation at the FIG Working Week 2019´and points out the opportunities and challenges in the transition from "electronic" period to "smart" period. Finding the right road map of development will help countries to shorten the time and distance to the destination of a "smart country".


FIG Working Week 2019, 22-26 April in Hanoi, Vietnam


FIG Working Week was held 22-26 April 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The post survey shows that 98.9 per cent of the participants will recommend the Working Week.
Read the report
Conference web site
Other reports:
Asia/Pacific Capacity Development Network
Commission 8 report

FIG Working Week 2020 10-14 May 2020 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Call for papers
The preparations for the Working Week are well underway. A Call for Papers is on its way - look for an email with the announcement.

Exhibition and Sponsorship opportunities - please fill in questionnaire
In order to prepare a useful, relevant and interesting exhibition, the local organisers have prepared a questionnaire. Please help us and respond to this - it takes only 3-5 min.

Dear (potential) participant,
As you perhaps know, the theme of the FIG Working Week 2020 in Amsterdam refers to the ‘Smart Surveyors for Land- and Water Management’.
In order to increase the ‘smartness’ of the Working Week, we would like to check your expectations and wishes with respect to the companies and organisations present at the exhibition. Your wishes will be exchanged anonymously with registered exhibitors. With your answers we can suggest the exhibitors to demonstrate specific products and present services that can be of interest for participants. In such way we can match the wishes of the participants with the supply of the companies.
Smartness is in this case that we try to have more intelligent and focussed interaction between all the participants.

Thank you very much for your input.
Marinus de Bakker (LOC member) responsible for exhibition

The Working Week Web Site: will be updated regularly during the coming months.

FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting 2019 - Seoul, Korea

The 2019 Commission 7 Annual Meeting will take place 5-9 August in Seoul, Korea.  The theme of this Annual Meeting is ‘Digital Twin, Smart Cities and Smart land Information’. Korea as a leading country in the development of advanced technologies across the geospatial industry, offers an opportunity to experience first hand on how the evolution of technology is changing land administration, particularly in the collection, processing and sharing of cadaster and land registration.
Web Site:
Tentative programme

FIG Commission 3 Annual Meeting and Workshop 2019

FIG Commission 3 Annual Meeting and Workshop will be held within the 1st edition of Romanian Surveying Week, organized by the Romanian Surveyors Union (UGR) and the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca (USAMV Cluj-Napoca) in Cluj-Napoca from 23-26 September 2019.

The theme of FIG Commission 3 Annual Meeting and Workshop ‘Advances in Geodata Analytics for Smart Cities and Regions’ addresses the role of the geospatial scientific and professional community in shaping the future of urban and regional development by creating new opportunities. Event Website: 


International scientific societies meet in Hannover for the Day of Geodesy

FIG President Rudolf Staiger met with the presidents from IAG and ISPRS and Vice President from ICA.

World Bank Collaboration with FIG - 2018-2019

Rudolf Staiger at the closing of World Bank Conference

The World Bank remains a key FIG strategic partner underpinned by regular collaborative activities on World Bank (WB) platforms. This report highlights FIG Council’s collaborative efforts over the past nine months
Read report

Shifting the Paradigm in Africa Africa Regional Network Meeting 2018

Participants at the Africa Regional Network meeting in Botswana

The Botswana Institute of Surveyors hosted the Africa Regional Network conference on Geo-Spatial Technology Impacts in Africa, and The first Africa Young Surveyors meeting

Young Surveyors Report

Global Surveyors Day - 21 March

Global Suveyors Day was celebrated in many places all over the world.
Have a look at the posts of FIG Facebook page:!/internationalfederationofsurveyors
Report from Malaysia: Surveyors Express the World! – Celebrating the Global Surveyors’ Day, the Malaysian way

2019 Aubrey Barker Fund/FIG Foundation Course Development Grant

The Aubrey Barker Fund and the FIG Foundation are seeking applications for grants of up to 20,000 euro (spread over two years) with the objective of building the capacity of academic institutions teaching surveying in developing countries, and of providing support in teaching and developing their curriculum more effectively.


Professor in Geodesy KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm has grown to become one of Europe’s leading technical and engineering universities, as well as a key centre of intellectual talent and innovation. A full time, permanent position as Professor in Geodesy is now available.
Application deadline: 07.Aug.2019 11:59 PM CET 
More information


5-9 August 2019, Seoul, Korea
FIG Commission 7 Annual Meeting.
Tentative programme 
Web site:

15-18 August 2019, Darwin, Australia
South East Asia Survey Congress (SEASC).  Organised by ASEAN Flag Surveying Nations and SSSI, Australia, supported by FIG
Web site: 

12-13 September 2019, London, UK
CASLE Golden Jubilee conference and General Assembly organised by The Commonwealth Association of Surveying & Land Economy (CASLE) More information

17-19 September 2019, Stuttgart, Germany
Intergeo - Trade show and conference, Organised by DVW and supported by FIG. Through FIG you can obtain a complimentary one-day entrance ticket to the trade show. Website:

23-28  September 2019, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
1st Romanian Surveying Week, and FIG Commission 3 Workshop and Annual Meeting - FIG Commission 3 Workshop theme “Advances in Geodata Analytics for Smart Cities and Regions” 

22-29 September 2019, Beijing, China
International Workshop on GIS Technology and Application, organised by Chinese Society for Geodesy Photogrammetry and Cartograsphy and SuperMap Software Co., Ltd.

1-3 October 2019, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The 8th FIG Workshop on the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM2019). A joint event with UDMS's 4th International Conference on Smart Data and Smart Cities (SDSC2019) and Geomatics Geospatial Technology (GGT2019) as part of Geospatial Kuala Lumpur 2019
Web site:

9-11 October 2019, Porto, Portugal
Geodecision 2019 meeting. Geodecision for Sustainable Communities. Supported by FIG 
Web site: 

11-12 October 2019, Porto, Portugal
6th FIG Young Surveyors European Meeting "Mapping the Path to Sustainability"
Web site:

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