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Surveying and BIM Classroom

10 September 2022, Warsaw, Poland


Scope of the Workshop:

  • Teaching theoretical background of the BIM method (concepts, workflows and standards)
  • Best practice presentations from large projects and SME (from surveyor’s point of view)
  • Presentation of the latest software (surveying, integration and collaboration with BIM, CAD, GIS)


  • International professionals from AEC-companies (engineering surveyors) and land administration agencies (land surveyors).
  • Young professionals interested in this new technology for own projects
  • Academics from different countries (just a few universities teach BIM until now)
  • Selected students and young professionals from the FIG Young Surveyors Network.

The workshop is organised by Christian Clemen, Germany, HTW Dresden, Prof. Tomasz Owerko and Szymon Glinka (AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow)



 Lecture “Basics on BIM for Surveyors”

  • BIM definition
  • BIM use cases (just a few)
  • What is BIM software?
  • Geometry and Topology in BIM
  • Georeferencing of BIM Models
  • Semantics in BIM
  • BIM and Engineering Surveying
  • BIM vs .GIS
  • Short overview on international standards

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 Best Practice and Research Reports

Managing the Cost and Carbon Footprint with BIM and GIS
Maciej Kindler
, former Head of BIM at Skanska, now CEO of InfraByte

Coordination of Geotechnical and BIM Standardization
Patryk Żak, Head of BIM at CPK, Solidarity Transport Hub Poland
Click here for the slides

Extracting Geospatial Information from IFC Files
Prof. Tomasz Owerko and Dr. Szymon Glinka (AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow)
Click here for the slides

Real scale VR of turbines as a tool of work
Piotr Sadowski,
F.E.W. Baltic II Project, RWE Power
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Active work in groups (choose one)

  • Use cases for “surveying and BIM”
  • Use cases for “geodata and BIM”
  • Georeferencing 3D-BIM models
  • OpenBIM collaboration with IFC and BCF
  • Establish BIM in a small and medium sized enterprise (SME)

Followed by 5 minute presentations



  • Presentation of groupwork
  • Open discussion


End workshop

19:00 Post preworkshop dinner (included to workshop fee, casual, Modern Polish food and drinks, close to Metro Politechnika)



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