Conference and Seminar Proceedings

FIG Commission 3 Workshop
'Spatial Information for Sustainable Management of Urban Areas'

2 - 4 February 2009, Mainz, Germany

Workshop Programme and Proceedings

Monday, 2.2.2009

Tuesday, 3.2.2009

Wednesday, 4.2.2009





Monday, 2.2.2009





TS 1: Opening Session



Chair: Jens Riecken, Rapporteur: Yerach Doytsher



DVW-Vice-president Jens Riecken: "Welcome Address: Organizational Developments in Spatial Information Management and SDI"

  LOC chair Hartmut Mueller: “Welcome Address”


FIG Vice President Dalal Alnaggar: “FIG Activity”


FIG Com3 chair Chryssy Potsiou: “FIG Commission 3 Activity”


UNECE WPLA chair Peter Creuzer: “Sustainable land management and spatial planning - The WPLA Approach”


UNECE WPLA Ariel Ivanier: “The UNECE WPLA activities”


coffee break



TS 2: SDI in support of Real Estate Finance



Chair: Chryssy Potsiou, Rapporteur: Hartmut Mueller



Mathias Hofren: “The Value of Using Information Collected for Real Property Taxation, for Valuation, Granting Loans and Other Purposes in Sweden”


Steven L. Nystrom: “Real Estate and its Relation to the Financial Crisis in the United States”





TS 3: SDI Trends in Managing High Density Urban Areas



Chair: Winrich Voss, Rapporteur: Steven Nystrom



Martin Lenk: “One SDI in Europe: INSPIRE in Germany”


Heinz Koenig, Gerhard Muggenhuber: “Spatial Information for Urban Areas. Case study: Vienna”


Robin McLaren: “The Role of Urban Sensing in Managing Megacities”


Silke Boos, Hartmut Mueller: “Current use of Spatial Information Technology in Megacity Management”


coffee break



TS 4: Infrastructure Improvements to Support Development



Chair: Jens Riecken, Rapporteur: Robin McLaren



Chryssy Potsiou, Marilena Theodorou, Elia Elikkos: “Informal Development due to Market Pressure and Necessary Land Administration Infrastructure Improvements in Cyprus”


Hartmut Mueller, Falk Wuerriehausen: “Geoportals as a general-purpose tool to Support the Development”


Holger Wanzke: “Internet Presentation of Real Estate Market Data in NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia)”


Dieter Kertscher: “Increase of the Transparency Concerning the Real Estate Market of Lower Saxony”


Agnieszka Zwirowicz: “The Role of IE Methodology in SDIs”


FIG Commission 3 Dinner





Tuesday, 3.2.2009



TS 5: “Technical Developments for Sustainable Management of Urban Areas”



Chair: Dalal Alnaggar, Rapporteur: Heinz Koenig



Monika Sester: “The Potential of Geosensor Networks for Sustainable Management of Urban Areas”


Michael Klebanov, Yerach Doytsher: “Cadastral Triangulation: A Block Adjustment Approach for Joining Numerous Cadastral Blocks”


Arif Cagdas Aydinoglou, Oguz Gungor: “Domain Land_Use Cover Data Model Enabling Multiple Use for Turkey”


Mathias Trapp: “Potential and Accuracy of Digital Landscape Analysis Based on High Resolution Remote Sensing Data”


W. Akingbade, Diego Navara, Yola Georgiadou: “A 10 years Review and Classification of the Geographic Information Systems Impact Literature (1998-2008)”


Coffee break



TS 6: “SDI Implementation Experiences”



Chair: Monika Sester, Rapporteur: Mathias Hofren



Stephan von St. Vith: “Local SDI Implementation at County Level in Germany”



Arif Cagdas Aydinoglou, Tashin Yomralioglou: “Some Spatial Data Management Issues towards Building SDI”



Sagi Filin: “Effect of Physical Constrains on Spatial Connectivity in Urban Areas”


Reiner Dolger: “Usage of Spatial Information for Dynamic Traffic Management”



Catherine Kariuki, Nicky Nzioki and Jennifer Murigu: “A Review of the Training Needs for Revenue Enhancement for Local Authorities in Kenya” (not to be presented)






TS 7: “Environmental Sustainability and Cultural Heritage Protection in Urban Areas”



Chair: Susanne Kleemann, Rapporteur: S. Giannoulakis



Xavier Prigent: “The Urban Form and its Quality. A French Experience”



Aneta Strzalka, Ursula Eicker: “Sustainable Management of the Residential Area Scharnhauser Park by 2D GIS”



Angel Siolas, Costas Cassios, Akrivi Leka: “Environmental Sustainability for Urban Areas: The Role of Natural Capital Indicators


Ioannis Tsionas, D. Tsiafakis, K. Stavroglou, V. Tsioukas, N. Tsirliganis: “Thesaurus: web map publishing of cultural heritage”



Ioannis Tsionas, D. Tsiafakis, K. Stavroglou, V. Tsioukas, N. Tsirliganis: “3D GIS for the Archaeological Excavation at Karambournaki, Thessaloniki”



Efi Dimopoulou: “Mega Events as an opportunity for Urban Regeneration. Impact on a Host Greek City”



Mohammad Behtash: “Identifying the Disadvantaged Settlements for Providing A Sustainable Development Model at Local Level. Case Study: Pishva-Varamin, Tehran” (not to be presented)



Coffee Break



FIG Commission 3 Meeting



Departure for Wine Tasting and Dinner at Eberbach Monastery





Wednesday, 4.2.2009



TS 8: “Visualization, Modeling and Monitoring of Urban Environment”



Chair: Hartmut Mueller, Rapporteur: Lothar Koppers



Ayman Habib: “Integration of Photogrammetric and LIDAR Data for Accurate Reconstruction/Visualization of Urban Environments”


Arne Schilling, Steffen Neubauer, Alexander Zipf: “Putting GDI-3D into Practice”


Agnieszka Chojka: “The Design of the GIS Application for the Commune Administration in Poland”


Apostolos Arvanitis, S. Giannoulakis, N. Karanikolas: “A GIS approach to shopping mall’s real estate management”


Emilio Lopez Romero: “Urban Information System”


Amir Zeb: “Extraction of Parcel Boundaries from Ortho-rectified Aerial Photos: A Cost Effective Technique” (not to be presented)
FIG Com3 appologizes that this paper has been published on this website without permission from the author. The paper has been removed (12 of November 2009)



Coffee Break



TS 9: “Urban Land Management Aspects”



Chair: Dieter Kertscher, Rapporteur: Yerach Doytsher



Otmar Schuster: “Innovations in the Building and Surveying Sene”


Mohamed Ibrahim: “Informal Areas in Greater Cairo


Yvonne Muller: “Implications of new Legislation on Management of Urban Areas in Montenegro”


Divanxan Ahadi: “Land Reform in Azerbaijan


coffee and small snacks



TS 10: Closing Session



Chair: Makis Apostolatos



Yerach Doytsher: “FIG Commission 3 Peer Review Aspects



Chryssy Potsiou, Robin McLaren, Hartmut Mueller: “Resolutions”



LOC chair, Hartmut Mueller: closing speech





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