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FIG and the Sustainable Development Goals - Commission

January, 2022

FIG Task Force on FIG and the Sustainable Development Goals together with the ten Commissions have worked on their role on the sustainable development goals relevant for their Commission.

Commission Chair David Mitchell gives his Statement on the sustainable development goals in relation to Commission 2 - Professional Education

Commission 2 focuses on innovative and effective professional education and training for surveyors. That makes SDG Goal 4 "ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all" the most relevant to the work of Commission 2. As we focus on higher education the following targets are particularly relevant:

How do you include the SDG's in your daily work?

The indicators under Targets 4.3, 4.4 and 4.5 provide some guidance on how Commission 2 can support meeting the overall Goal 4. Our work focusses on making higher education more accessible for all potential surveying students therefore supporting participation and this is a key focus of Working Group 1 on regional academic networks. Working Group 2 also seeks to support education for sustainable development in conjunction with the other commissions.

What are inspiring examples of how FIG members and delegates have contributed to the achievement of the SDGs (e.g. refer to a paper, project or publication)?

A key Commission 2 session focusing on the SDGs at the FIG e-Working Week 2021 was the session run by Commission 2 working group 1 - "02.1 - Regional Academic Networks: Lessons from COVID-19 for SDG Goal 4 (education)". This session had the highest attendance for any session at the event. Proceedings can be accessed via this link

Speakers session run by Commission 2 during FIG e-Working Week

What can FIG do (more) to privide leadership and raise awareness on the SDG's?

Delegates of Commission 2 are finalising a report on Blended Learning for Surveying Education and this will be published next year. Blended learning is a key strategy in making education more widely available and accessible to all - especially in countries where acccess to major cities to study is difficult for many people. Surveying academic institutions are supporting the development of blended learning and tremendous progress has been made in the last 2 years. FIG will continue to support the Surveying education community to mainstream global citizenship education and education for sustainable development into education policies.

David Mitchell and Paula Dijkstra
January 2022

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