24th FIG General Assembly, Seoul 2001

Appendix to item 9.8

Report for the 24th General Assembly
FIG Working Week in Seoul, 6-11 May 2001


1. General

Commission 8 has been working since the Prague Working week according to the work plan. Two technical sessions are prepared for Seoul, the participation of chair and vice-chair is confirmed and the annual meeting as an informal session in Seoul with present delegates of the Commission 8 will be organised and information about these events are exchanged via newsletter and e-mails.

Some changes in nominations of national delegates have happened and are registered. A list of nominated delegates will be updated after the meeting in Prague.

2. Work plan

Commission 8 has followed the accepted work plan without changes until now. At the annual meeting in Seoul there will be presented a layout-version of the final report of the working group „Urban Regeneration". For the congress in Washington is planned to publish this report as a guideline for national associations in this field to have an overview of what surveyors are doing in planning and implementation processes in big cities. There will be practice material out of a small number of cities which the commission visited in the last years of work.

3. Annual meeting

Commission 8 organised an annual meeting during the Prague Working Week on the 22nd of May. Main issue of discussion between the small number (7) of national delegates was the incoming work plan of the commission for the years 2002-2006 and the expected events in the future. Other items were the FIG Task force on Sustainable Development, the Bathurst Declaration and Agenda 21 and the implementation of „HABITAT II Conference"-results in the daily work of the Commission 8 incoming events.

The delegates emphasise the participation of the commission 8 members in the FIG Special Task Force on FIG Agenda 21 on implementing Agenda 21 and the Global Plan of Action.

4. Other meetings and events

On 4-6 of July 2000 Commission 8 chair participated in URBAN 21 - Global conference on the urban future - following the presentation of FIG-aims in this conference by Markku Villikka. Commission 8 chair participated in different discussion meetings during the EXPO 2000 in Hanover about Natural Resources and the Sustainability Challenge and Responsible Governance in a global society.

Commission 8 expects to have during the working week of Seoul in 2001 papers in two technical sessions about Urban Regeneration and Urban Land Readjustment and Spatial Planning and Environmental Policies including some aspects to the Korean planning system and the Far East.

5. Forthcoming events

The present Chair and vice-chair plan to publish the discussion results of the last years in a more reporting way about the involved countries and cities world-wide.

There will be different meetings of chair and vice-chair including a few responsible persons of different cities which were involved the cities.

Before the congress of Washington in 2002 Commission 8 chair will give some ideas about the reorganisation of commission work to make it more successful.

6. Other matters

Commission 8 officers pleased national delegates in a newsletter to make more comments and to give more activity in the daily work of the commission for example by answering to letters and news from the commission. In the incoming period has to be much more activities by the national delegates.

Helmut Brackmann
Chair of FIG Commission 8 (Spatial Planning and Development
Email: helmut.brackmann@bottrop.de

6 February 2001

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