23rd FIG General Assembly, Prague 2000


Nominations for Honorary Members of FIG

Professor Ian Philip Williamson - Australia

The Institution of Surveyors, Australia wishes to nominate Professor Ian Philip Williamson to be considered for election as an Honorary Member of the FIG.

Professor Williamson is well known to the members of the FIG through his tireless work in the area of Land Administration Management and Reform, particularly during his time as the Vice Chair (1991 - 1993) and Chair (1994 - 1998) of FIG Commission 7.

The brief attached resume of Ian's achievements illustrates that he is certainly not someone who waits for opportunities to present themselves, but rather goes out and creates opportunities for others.

The Institution feels that Professor Williamson's role in actively promoting the role and involvement of surveyors in the processes by which land is administered and managed around the world has brought a great deal of credit upon the international surveying community as a whole and certainly upon the FIG. His work for the international surveying community also extends well beyond the area covered by FIG Commission 7, with an active involvement in international surveying education. The Department of Geomatics at the University of Melbourne of which Ian is the Head of Department has embarked upon exchange student programs with other international educational institutions including the Aalborg University in Denmark.

While Ian had finished his term as Chairman of FIG Commission 7 in 1998 he has maintained his usual hectic pace in developing and hosting forums where issues of world importance have been addressed and real steps towards providing solutions have been formed. In October 1999 he was the co-organiser (with Prof Don Grant of Australia) of the UN-FIG Bathurst Workshop held in Bathurst Australia and the follow up UN-FIG Conference on Land Administration for Sustainable Development which was held in Melbourne Australia. The fact that it was supported by five UN Agencies, the World Bank, the Victorian and New South Wales State Governments, the Australian Federal Government, professional associations such as our Institution and the private industry amply demonstrates the high standing Ian has in the international community, and it is to his credit that he always puts forward surveying as the profession, and surveyors as the professionals who can provide the solutions.

The Institution notes that the FIG have recognised the manner in which Ian has been able to foster links with International Agencies such as the United Nations and the World Bank, and have appointed him as the FIG's UN Liaison Director. The Institution is certain that Ian will continue to promote the international surveying profession, as represented by the FIG to those and other international agencies.

The Institution feels that the commitment Ian has made to the international surveying community, the enthusiasm by which he approaches all of his tasks and that he has brought a great deal of credit upon the FIG and its member associations should be recognised by election as an Honorary Member of the FIG. As such, we would request that this nomination be considered by the General Assembly of the FIG at its next meeting.

Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours Faithfully

The Institution of Surveyors, Australia

John Crickmore
Chief Executive Officer

Professor Andrzej Hopfer - Poland

On behalf of the Association of Polish Surveyors I would like to propose Professor Dr. Andrzej Hopfer for Honorary Membership of the International Federation of Surveyors.

Professor Andrzej Hopfer has been very active within the Polish Association. He has contributed very much to the international profile of the Association of Polish Surveyors initiating Association's international actions and taking part in numerous organisational works.

He is internationally recognised as an outstanding person in the field of surveying science, particularly in cadastre, land management and property valuation. Occupying the highest academic position - the Rector Magnificus of the Olsztyn University of Agriculture and Technology - he has developed very much international relations of Polish surveyors with famous foreign scientific centres for surveying and land management.

He is a member and a chairman of several scientific and professional societies. He was rewarded with honorary membership of foreign and domestic scientific institutions, among others - doctor honoris causa of two universities.

Prof. Andrzej Hopfer has served as chairperson of FIG Commission 7 and for a number of years as Polish national delegate to this Commission. He was initiator and organiser of the Cadastral Congress held in Warsaw in 1998 under FIG umbrella. He took an active part in numerous activities of the Commission.

More detailed CV of Andrzej Hopfer is enclosed. Our Association would be pleased to comply with any further formalities concerning the nomination.

Yours sincerely

Prof. Kazimierz Czarnecki
Stowarzyszenie Geodetów Polskich

Full CV attached to the printed agenda.
Activities within FIG:

  • Chairman of FIG Commission 7 1983-1986

  • National delegate to FIG Commission 7 since 1975

  • Active participant to many official FIG activities:

    • The FIG Statement on the Cadastre, 1995

    • FAO and FIG Future Collaboration in Cadastral Reform in Rural Economics in Transition, Melbourne 1995

    • Organiser of the Warsaw Cadastral Congress concluded with Warsaw Resolutions, 1998

    • The Bathurst Declaration, 1999

  • Practical experience in creating, maintaining and modernising of land information system and planning of rural areas in Poland, Germany, Czech, Bulgaria and Hungary. Advising solutions concerning above mentioned problem in Algeria, Vietnam and China.

Grahame K. Lindsay, LS FIS(Aust) MAIC - Australia

It is a great pleasure for the FIG Bureau 2000-2003 to nominate Grahame K. Lindsay as an Honorary Member of FIG. The Bureau is convinced that all members of the Federation share the Bureau’s appreciation to Grahame for his great contribution in the development of FIG during his eight years as a member of the FIG Bureau, first as Secretary General and thereafter as a Vice President.

Grahame Lindsay (born 1935) has spent a lifetime of work in the land information business in many Australian States and Territories. Trained as a surveyor in Western Australia, he began his professional career working on rural land development projects for that State’s government. In South Australia he was engaged on route selection for the major power distribution network. As Deputy Surveyor General of the Northern Territory (1974-1978) he helped it to prepare for self government in 1978. Whilst working as Regional Manager of the Australian Survey Office in Sydney (1984-1987) he was seconded (in 1986) to the New South Wales government to lead a review team on the Department of Lands. He retired from the post of Commonwealth Surveyor General (1988-1992) and General Manager of AUSLIG (1988-1992) to become Secretary General of FIG (1992-1995), in which position he was able to maintain regular contact with the world’s best practice in land and land information management. In the UK Bureau Grahame Lindsay served as one of the Vice Presidents supporting the Bureau with his broad experience with FIG and it members (1996-1999).

Grahame Lindsay’s appointment as General Manager of AUSLIG followed immediately upon the Australian government’s decision to merge its Division of National Mapping and the Australian Survey Office into a single, new commercial organisation. This gave him extensive experience in the modernisation, restructuring and commercialisation of a large government agency, from the start of the process. He subsequently managed the business, as it engaged in a broad of community service obligations and client-based surveying and land information services. These included Australia’s national mapping and digital data programmes, together with its major remote sensing facility. He introduced a number of new initiatives as AUSLIG was modernised for its new role. Throughout this period he was also serving as a member, and subsequently as chairman, of the joint Australian/New Zealand Land Information Council.

Grahame Lindsay’s other appointments during the past fifteen years have included the chairmanships of the Commonwealth Land Information Forum, the Australian Liaison Committee for Remote Sensing by Satellite and the Australian Space Office’s Remote Sensing Committee. He has served as a member of the Australian Council for Awards in Advance Education and he chaired the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) Committee on Geodesy and Geographic Information in Antarctic. He was a Councillor of the Institution of Surveyors Australia for ten years and its national President in 1988-89. In 1995 he was elected an Honorary Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

During the his term of office as Secretary General and Vice President of FIG the Federation has developed to the real international professional organisation that it is today. The results are based, of course, on the previous Bureaux’ activities but were implemented in full first during the Australian Bureau, where Grahame’s role was very central, and then during the UK Bureau. These new activities include the membership expansion especially in the developing countries and in southern hemisphere, closer relationship to the UN and its agencies, improved information delivery system and increase in the commission activities.

Grahame’s work has always been supported by his family and especially his wife Glenys.

FIG office

20 March 2000