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Membership Application

Ordre des Géomètres-Topographes du Liban

1. Name of association 
– in own language
– in English (if different from above) Ordre des Géomètres-Topographes du Liban
2. Address Dekouaneh Centre
DANAY - 5ème étage
3. Telephone + 961 1 489605 6
4. Fax + 961 1 489605 6
5. E-mail address topographes@cyberia.net.lb
6. Web site
7. Name of President Sarkis Fadous
8. Administration
Is the above address the address of the permanent office of the association? If so, please state the name of the chief executive and the number of any other permanent staff members
9. Date of formation of association 6 June 1996, Ordre des Géomètres-Topographes du Liban
10. Objectives and ethics
Please summarise on a separate sheet the objectives of the association and state whether it enforces disciplinary procedures; and enclose a copy of its constitution and rules (including, where applicable, its code of conduct).
Appendix: Act 522 on the Organisation of the Profession of Surveyors and Topographers (Organisation de la profession de et création del'Ordre des Topographes).
Title 1 - Article 2 a Lebanese surveyor must:
  • enjoy civil rights and not have a criminal record
  • fulfill one of the following conditions:
    • be in possession of the higher diploma (4 years studies at university level after receipt of the Baccalaureat and including one year practical work under the supervision of a topographe after receiving the diploma
    • be in possession of a technical diploma in the specialty of topography, and have 5 years studies after the technical Bacchalaureat. 
11. Routes of entry to membership (See appendix 1)
Please provide the following information on a separate sheet
– the title held by qualified members of the association: Qualified surveyors and topographers, authorised by practice (Géomètre-Topographe Autorisé a Exercer la Profession)
– the level of academic qualification required to obtain the title: Bacchalaureat plus 5 years (4 years study and 1 year practice) (Licence-Maitrise) (Bacc + 5 years)
– whether academic training programmes to this level are available in your country (if not, please state how and where members obtain their academic training): at the Lebanese University (Université Libanaise)
– what approved professional experience is required on completion of academic training and prior to acquisition of the title: 1 year practical training.
– what the requirements are for continuing professional development and whether this is mandatory or voluntary: V
–if the association also admits technician or sub-professional members and, if so, the qualifications required for entry to this grade of membership: No.
12. Members
No. of holders the title 700 members, only surveyors and topographers authorised to practice.
– qualified -
– qualifying -
No. of technician or sub-professional members
– qualified  -
– qualifying  -
13. Specialisations
% of qualified members whose principal specialisation is
– hydrography -
– positioning/measurement -
– engineering surveys ~ 20 %
– cadastre/land management ~ 60 %
– spatial planning/development -
– valuation/real estate management ~ 20 %
– construction cost management -
14. Statutory recognition
See appendix no 1.
15. Employment
% of qualified members
– self-employed and 
employed in private practice
~ 60 %
– teaching ~   5 %
– employed by government ~ 25 %
– employed in the commercial 
or other sectors
~ 10 %
16. Subscriptions
Please state the annual subscription payable by each grade of membership L.L. 200,000  = US$ 135
17. Services to members
Does the association publish a journal (if so, please state title and frequency)
A journal called "Le Topographe"
Please list on a separate sheet any other services that the association provides for its members

Medical insurance and other insurance via an international company.

Sarkis Fadous
Ordre des Géomètres-Topographes du Liban

14 October 1999

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