figlogo.gif (1705 bytes)   FIG 22nd General Assembly
  31 May and 4 June 1999
  Sun City, South Africa

Appendix to item 10: Reports from Chairs of Commissions et al.

Appendix 6: Commission 6

Commission 6: Engineering Surveys

Report to the 22nd General Assembly

Sun City 30 May - 4 June 1999

1. General

Due to special circumstances in changing the chairmanship of the Commission and to some temporary problems (accident and illness at chairman and secretariat level), the preparation of the work plan, website and various informative documents suffered some delay. Almost everything is now completed, however, and the Commission is running at cruise speed.

2. Work plan

The updated work plan can be found on Commission 6 website via the Figtree, together with other information and links.

3. Annual Meeting

As usual a Commission meeting will be held at each annual Working Week - with the local attendance.

Nevertheless, as far as the technical programme of FIG Working Weeks is concerned, it can be a real problem to find speakers every year in all technical fields - in addition to the planned events in each Commission. In Commission 6 each Working Group has announced or is preparing some event (see item 5), some will even manage two independent events during the mandate. It must be well understood that the circumstances, the place and the frequency of FIG Working Weeks cannot be adequate for every Working Group in every Commission.

4. Working Groups

The present structure of the Commission is the following :

WG 6.1: Deformation measurement and analysis

Chairman : Adam Chrzanowski (Canada) –

Vice Chairman : tba

WG 6.2 : special equipment for industrial & engineering applications

Chairman : Heribert Kahmen (Austria) –

Vice Chairman : tba

WG 6.3 : high precision metrology for large scientific equipment

Chairman : Michel Mayoud (France) –

Vice Chairman : Dominique Missiaen (France) –

WG 6.4 : transportation & utility lines

Chairman : Theophile Engel (Switzerland) –

Vice Chairman : Svend Kold Johansen (Denmark) -

WG 6.5 : facility management systems

Chairman : Lothar Grundig (Germany) –

Vice Chairman : Frank Gielsdorf (Germany)

5. Forthcoming events

WG 6.1: 9th International Symposium on Deformation Measurements

Olsztyn, Poland, 25-28 September 1999

WG 6.2: Optical 3D-Measurement Methods, Vienna , Austria, October 2001

WG 6.3: Dedicated FIG/IAG Session, 6th International Workshop on Accelerator Alignment,

Grenoble, France, 18-22 October 1999

WG 6.4: Railways Session within UIC Seminar, Beijing, China, 14-17 December1999

WG 6.5 : Dedicated Session during the Turkish-German Joint Geodetic Days, 1-3 June 1999

6. Information

All information relating to Commission 6 will be concentrated on the website, and no independent newsletter (in paper form) is therefore intended. This website is in operation but not yet completed with all that was planned. It will include the list (with email link) of official delegates from member-associations, and an auto-registration facility to WG lists and/or to the global list of persons interested in our activities in general.

Michel Mayoud


Dr Michel Mayoud
Head of Applied Geodesy Group
CH-1211 Geneva 23

Tel: + 41 22 767 3007
Fax: + 41 22 767 3456

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