18TH June 1996





Session A: Land Management in the Process of Transition

The European dimension and land management Policy Issues (J.Sonnenberg, The Netherlands)
Frameworks for land management (P. Munro-Faure, UK)
The European dimension and land management Implementation Issues (M. Griffiths, UK)

Session B: The Hungarian Experience

Development of the land management framework in Hungary (A. Ossko, Hungary)
Land management challenges in the public sector in Hungary and possible solutions (J. Hoffentrager, Hungary)
Land management challenges in the private sector in Hungary and possible solutions (I. Tassy, Hungary)

Session C: Central and Eastern European solutions

Land management in Slovenia; legal frameworks, and management challenges in the public and private sectors (J. Rezek and R. Rener , Slovenia)
Land management in Slovakia; legal frameworks and management challenges in the public and private sectors (Dzur- Gejdos, Slovakia)
Land management in Latvia; legal frameworks and management challenges in the public and private sectors (A. Rausis, Latvia)
The private sector and land management; a perspective from the Czech Republic (I. Pesl, Czech Republic)
Education and profession building for land managers, the experience of Poland (A. Hopfer, Poland)

Session D: Panel discussion


 Commission 7 of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) is the Commission responsible for working on issues relating to cadastre and to land management.

 As a part of this work the Commission established three Working Groups at the 1994 Congress in Melbourne to tackle issues during the period leading up to the 1998 Brighton Congress relating to:

 A vision of the Cadastre in the 21st Century

Sustainable land management in the 21st Century

Cadastre in developing countries

Each of these Working Groups includes as a part of its formal organized activity the organization of an international seminar at one of the annual meetings of the Commission.

 The papers presented in this volume are those prepared for, and presented at the one day International Symposium on Land Management in Transitional Economies on 18 June 1996. The seminar formed a part of the Commission’s one week annual meeting which was held in Budapest, Hungary in 1996.

 The eleven papers represent a topical, broad perspective of current experience of work in the vital area of land management in Central and Eastern Europe. The papers were prepared and given by people who are responsible for advising on policy and implementing activity in these fields in the countries in the region. As such they are a unique collection, as there are few similar opportunities where these issues can be discussed in such an international context.

 This report reproduces the papers given, together with summaries of the panel discussion that concluded the day’s proceedings. These were prepared by members of the Commission who were kind enough to act as reporters for this session.

 Thanks are due to all of those, delegates and others, who gave of their time to prepare an present their papers. Most particularly they are due to Andras Ossko, who organized the seminar in Hungary, and to the UK delegate to Commission 7, Mark Griffiths, who undertook the editing of this volume.

 Paul Munro-Faure,

Chairman, Working Group 3, Sustainable Land management in the 21st Century,

Land & Property Economics Ltd.,

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