Technical Programme and Proceedings

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Sunday 27 June
6 8 pm Registration
Lenton and Wortley Hall, The University of Nottingham
Tea and Coffee
Monday 28 June
8:00am Registration and coffee
09:30am Welcome address
Prof. A H Dodson
10:00am FIG Working Group 6.4
Dr. G W Roberts
10:30am Session 1 - Surveying in Construction
Chair Dr Gethin Roberts

The Application of Dynamic Control Feedback Loops to the Problematic Issue of Controlling 'as Designed' Compared to 'as Built' on Construction Projects
Paul Watson, Richard Davis and Norman Wienand (United Kingdom)

Surveying with GPS for Construction Works Using the National RTK Reference Network and Precise Geoid
Ahmed El-Mowafy (United Arab Emirates)

Accuracy of simple GPS Kinematic Techniques: Evidence from Experiments, and Implications for the Study of Large Flexible Engineering Structures
K. Protopsalti, A. Nickitopoulou, P. Psimoulis, S. Pytharouli, V. Kontogianni, P. Triantafillidis and S. Stiros (Greece)

Real-time Long-term Monitoring and Static and Dynamic Displacements of an Office Tower, Combining RTK GPS and Accelerometer Data
James MW Brownjohn (United Kingdom), Chris Rizos (Australia), Tan Guan Hong and Pan Tso-Chien (Singapore)

11:50am Coffee
12:00pm Session 2 - Seismic Response of Structures
Chair Jol VanCranenbroeck

Damage Detection in Structures by Real-Time Monitoring of Dynamic and Static Deformations
Erdal Safak (USA)

Seismic Response of a Tower as Measured by an Integrated RTK-GPS System
Xiaojing Li, Linlin Ge, Gang-Ding Peng, Chris Rizos (Australia), Yukio Tamura and Akihito Yoshida (Japan)

12:45pm Lunch
2:30pm Session 3- Laser Scanning in Construction
Chair Andreas Eichorn

Underground Void Visualisation using a Low Cost Laser based System
P.J. Foster, A. Wetherelt, J. Jobling-Purser and D. Parker (United Kingdom)

Measurement of Structural Deformation using Terrestrial Laser Scanners
S. J. Gordon, D. D. Lichti, M. P. Stewart and J. Franke (Australia)

Analysis of 3D Laser Scanner Data for the Detection of Tunnel Displacements
P. Savvaidis and K. Lakakis (Greece)

3:30pm Coffee
4:15pm Session 4 - Structural Health Monitoring of Bridges
Chair Ahmed El-Mowafy

The Use of Dynamic Data for the Structural Health Monitoring of Bridges
John S Owen and Steven R Pearson (United Kingdom)

Development of a Prototype Remote Structural Health Monitoring System (RSHMS)
Xiaolin Meng, Gethin Roberts, Alan Dodson, Marcus Andreotti, Emily Cosser and Michele Meo (United Kingdom)

Single Frequency GPS for Bridge Deflection Monitoring: Progress and Results
Emily Cosser, Gethin W Roberts, Xiaolin Meng and Alan H Dodson (United Kingdom)

Structural Deformation Monitoring using Locata
J. Barnes, C. Rizos, Mustafa Kanli, David Small, Gavin Voigt, Nunzio Gambale and Jimmy Lamance (Australia)

5:45pm End
Tuesday 29 June
9:00am Session 5 - Surveys for Viaducts and Dams
Chair Prof Chris Rizos

Long-term Geodetic Monitoring of Two Dams in Western Greece
V. Kontogianni, C. Skourtis, F. Stremmenos, S. Pytharouli, A. Nickitopoulou, P. Psimoulis and S. Stiros (Greece)

Quality Control of a Dam Geodetic Surveying System
Maria Joo Henriques and Joo Casaca (Portugal)

9:45am Coffee
10:45am Session 6 - Fibre Optic Workshop
Chair Prof Fritz Brunner

Welcome to FIG Special Task Force 6.4.1
Fritz K. Brunner

Fibre Optic Sensors: An Overview
Fritz K. Brunner

SOFO Sensors for Static and Dynamic Measurements
Invited Lecture, Daniele Inaudi

Fibre Optics Fabry-Prot Sensors, Applications and Reliability Aspects
Invited Lecture, Wolfgang Habel
handouts of PowerPoint presentation

Environmental Sensing Using Fibre Optics
Invited Lecture, Brian Culshaw
handouts of PowerPoint presentation

A Structural Health Monitoring Paradigm for Civil Infrastructure
James Brownjohn, United Kingdom, Swee-Chuan Tjin, Guan-Hong Tan, Boon-Leong Tan, Singapore and Sushanta Chakraboorty, United Kingdom

1:15pm Lunch
2:30pm Session 7 - Structural Monitoring
Chair Emily Cosser

RTK GPS Based Sea Piling Engineering: Mathematical Model and Its Application
Chun Liu, Lianbi Yao (China), Xiaolin Meng (United Kingdom)

High Precision Alignment Design for Swissmetro Rig
Fengxiang Jin, China, Hubert Dupraz and Vincent Bourqin, Switzerland

Parametric Identification of Thermal deformations Using Adaptive Kalman-filtering Techniques
Andreas Eichhorn (Austria)

Measurement of Temperature-Induced Deformations in a Large Roof Structure
W. F. Teskey, R. S. Radovanovic, B. Paul and R.G. Brazeal (Canada)

On the Potential of Geodetic Techniques for the Navigation of Construction Processes
Wolfgang Niemeier (Germany)
- handouts of PowerPoint presentation

4:15pm Coffee
4:45pm Session 8 - Frequencies and Cyclic Monitoring of Structures
Chair Maria Joo Henriques

From St Pauls to the Tate Modern; Overcoming Problems in Monitoring Bridge Deflections Using GPS
Gethin Roberts, Xiaolin Meng and Chris Brown (United Kingdom)

Measurement and Analysis of Cyclic Deformations and Movements of the TV Tower in Sopron
Gyula Mentes (Hungary)

5:30pm End
6:30pm Drinks Reception
7:00pm Conference Dinner
Wednesday 30 June
9:00am Session 9 - Surveying During Construction and Planning
Chair Stathis Stiros

Adjustment of the Rion-Antirion Cable-Stayed Bridge:
An Innovative Multidisciplinary Response to a Construction Challenge

M. Marchetti, R. Boudon, J. Monnerie, P. Bouve, D. Dupuis, F. Dadoun, G. Baechler and J. Olsfors (France)

Urban Planning for Tehran, By Using Environmental Modeling and GIS/RS
Alireza Gharagozlu (Iran)

A Visualisation Tool for Civil Engineering Using Virtual Reality
Mauricio Capra, Marcio Aquino, Alan Dodson and Steve Benford (United Kingdom)

DGPS Based Nationwide Highway Surveying in China
Pengfei Cheng, Xiyin Li, Li Zhang, Yanhui Cai, Xiujuan Wu and Jingbin Liu (China)

10:45am Coffee
11:30am Session 10 - Engineering Surveying Equipment for Construction
Chair Prof Pengfei Cheng

Precise Engineering Applications of Pseudolites Augmented GNSS
Emily Cosser, Xiaolin Meng, Gethin W. Roberts, Alan H. Dodson (United Kingdom) Joel Barnes and Chris Rizos (Australia)

Structural Monitoring with the Leica Nivel20 Dual Axis Inclination Sensor
Jol van Cranenbroeck and Neil Brown (Switzerland)

Impacts of Correlation between Baselines on the Adjustment of GPS Control Network
Keliang Ding, Dajie Liu and Congwei Hu, China P.R.

12:30pm Lunch
2:00pm Session 11 - Engineering Surveying Equipment for Construction
Chair Fengxiang Jin

An Innovative Concept to Manage GPS Reference Stations Network and Implement GPS in Structural Movement Monitoring
Vincent Lui (Hong Kong)

Structural Health Monitoring System (SHMS) for Bridge with Hybrid Sensor System
Renpeng Wang (China) Xiaolin Meng, Gethin Roberts and Alan Dodson (United Kingdom)

Close Range Measurement and 3D Modeling
Halim Setan and Mohd Sharuddin Ibrahim (Malaysia)

3:30pm End
General Session

Mapping Soil Surface Conditions and Monitoring Desertification Based on Geographic Information System and Multi-Spectral and Multi-Temporal Satellite Data (Case Study: Damghan Playa)
Alavi Panah, S.K. and Ehsani, AH (Iran)

The Development of a Windows-based Software for Construction Surveying Using Visual Basic 6.0 and OLE Automation
Halim Setan and Chong Tuck Seng (Malaysia)

A Geodetic Deformation Survey to Monitor the Behavior of a Concrete Slab During its Axial Compression Testing
Zainal Abidin Md Som, Halim Setan and Khairul Nizam M. Idris (Malaysia)

The Use of Geodetic Methodology in Precast Concrete Building Assembling
George D. Georgopoulos and Elisavet C. Telioni (Greece)

Bridge Monitoring With Garmin Handheld Receivers
Emily Cosser, Chris J Hill, Gethin W Roberts, Xiaolin Meng, Terry Moore and Alan H Dodson (United Kingdom)

Load Testing Measurements for Structural Assessment Using Geodetic and Photogrammetric Techniques
Maria Tsakiri, Charalambos Ioannidis, Paraskevas Papanikos and Marinos Kattis (Greece)

Leica GPS Spider for Deformation Monitoring
Jol van Cranenbroeck and Lienhart Troyer (Switzerland)

Results of Long-Term Observations of Deformations of the VEPP-4 Storage Ring Constructions, BINP
M. Bokov, D. Burenkov, A. Polyansky, Yu. Pupkov, Russia and Yu. Levashov, USA

Preliminary Test of Using Pseudolite to Improve GPS Precision
Fang-Shii Ning, Szu-Pyng Kao, Chia-Chyang Chang (Taiwan) and Xiaolin Meng (United Kingdom)

Recognizing the Existing Potentials of Iran in Identification of Natural Resources for Ecological Studies with a Land Use Planning Approach
Alireza Gharagozlu and Eng. Talebzadeh (Iran)

Thursday 1 July
Workshop on Measurements and Analysis of Cyclic Deformations and Structural Vibrations
9:00am Registration and welcome (coffee)
10:00am Structural Health Monitoring Systems
Mr N Knowles, retired director, WS Atkins
10:40am The Global Positioning System
Dr GW Roberts, The University of Nottingham
11:20am Coffee
11:30am Finite Element Modelling
Dr M Meo, Cranfield University
12:10pm Current GPS Monitoring Systems
Dr G W Roberts, The University of Nottingham
12:40pm EPSRC project: A Remote Health Monitoring System Using Computational Simulation and GPS Sensors
Dr GW Roberts, Professor AH Dodson and Dr X Meng
1:00pm Lunch
2:00pm Project Results
Dr X Meng, Dr GW Roberts and Dr M Meo
2:30pm Industrial Needs
Mr R Evans, Retired Humber Bridge Master
3:00pm Coffee Break and System Demo
3:30pm Panel Q&A
Dr GW Roberts
4:00pm End