Date: Thursday 23 May
Time: 13:30-18.00
Venue: La Palm Royal Beach Hotel
Fee: 50 USD

With flexibility, inclusiveness, participation, affordability, reliability, attainability and upgradeability in perspective, join us to dive into the Future of Land Administration at FIG Working Week 2024!
This event promises riveting discussions on "Adapting, Adopting and Evolving Approaches to Land Administration; Towards Effective Upscaling of FFP Approaches."
A portion of the event will focus on the connection between FFPLA and WLR, and how FFPLA can help improve women's access to land and security of tenure. By highlighting the importance of FFPLA in this context, we can emphasize its role in promoting gender equality and women's empowerment.

Join us at FIG Working Week in Ghana 2024 for an enriching journey through innovative ideas and transformative discussions! #FIGWW2024 #LandAdministration

#SecureTenureForAll #WomenLandRight #ProPoorLandTools


  • Collect quantitative and qualitative data on FFPLA implementations to support the upscaling of FFP approaches
  • Examine misconceptions about the FFPLA concept and emphasise its ability to address the specific needs of communities
  • Illuminating ideas toward successful upscaling of the FFPLA Approach
  • Agree on the main points from FFLPA that consider and promote WLRs.
  • Identify the main lessons learned from FFPLA implementations with regard to advancing WLRs
  • Agree on a structure and draft content for an article discussing how the FFPLA contributed to advancing and securing WLRs, with the country’s case studies and real-life examples.
  • Agree on methodology for describing country case studies (TORs)
  • Identify key people to write a report and have a clear plan of who will write what parts of the document.
  • Building a case for ‘World Land Tenure Day’


  • Responses to a survey that should contribute to a proposed FIG publication on “Upscaling FFPLA Approaches Towards Achieving Secure Tenure for All”. The publication should show the Status, Successes and Scaling of the FFPLA approach.
  • Knowledge sharing on best practices for upscaling FFPLA approaches
    • Agreed article structure
    • Methodology for country case description
    • List of country cases to be incorporated
    • People – article sections allocation
  • Awareness on the importance of a World Land Tenure Day


  • What FFPLA approach worked best in your context?  
  • What do you think made such approach worked?
  • Are their improvements you would suggest to the approach?
  • Would you be happy to contribute to an FIG publication on the above? 







Setting the scene (What should be achieved) – 10 mins

By Israel Taiwo, Chair of FIG WG


The Origin of the FFPLA Concept - 15 mins

By Stig Enemark, FIG Honorary President


Rethinking the FFPLA Concept for Effective and Inclusive Land Administration – 15 mins

By Israel Taiwo, Chair of FIG WG


Towards Effective Upscaling of FFP Approaches; Experiences from Implementations – .

  • Christelle van den Berg - 45mins
  • Salah Abukashawa - GLTN Partner 15mins
  • Markus Kopper - Trimble - 15mins
  • Brent Jones - ESRI - 15mins

Designing FFPLA Approaches towards Upscaling – SLAS – 60 mins

By Rohan Benneth, Chair, FIG Commission 7


FFPLA Publication (Survey, content, responses, etc.) - 10 mins

By Israel Taiwo, Chair of FIG WG

  Interactive / Rejuvenating Activity - 10 mins
  Initial Presentation of the request/idea – 5 mins

By Marisa Balas (based on CLPA and AUC request)

Presentation on FFPLA and WLRs  - 15 mins

This part of the session is intended to bring some light into how the FFPLA promotes and secures WLRs, a list of countries where it has been implemented, and from which there is data to validate its benefit towards advancing WLRs

By Israel Taiwo, Chair of FIG WG


 Discussion FFPLA and WLRs - 20 mins

This part of the session is intended to bring into the discussion different points of view of how FFPLA promotes WLRs and how this can move forward


 Potential Article discussion - 20 mins

This part of the session intends to discuss a proposed structure for the article, and engage key people to contribute to specific parts of the paper.

  • Introduction
  • FFPLA and WLRs
  • Good practices and lessons learned from country implementations –  (to be confirmed)
    • Mozambique
    •  Benin
    • Chad
    • Ghana
    • Rwanda
    • Tanzania
    • Uganda
    • Ghana
  • Scaling up good practices – way forward
  • Conclusions

Interactive discussion - 10 mins

  • Building a case for ‘World Land Tenure Day’.
  Wrap up - 10 mins