Networking - connect in Hopin

During the FIG e-Working Week you have various possibility to network with other participants.

Build your profile, link your social media accounts

After you have registered for the FIG e-Working Week, you are able to fill in your profile, so other participants can connect with you. The Profile tab gives you access to your profile information. Here, you can update your avatar, name, user email, headline, bio, and social profiles.

Network possibilities

Direct message using the “people” tab

Anyone can send messages to an individual at a Hopin event via DMs in the People tab. To send a DM, find the person you wish to chat within the People tab, click their profile photo, and send a direct message to them. Navigating Backstage (StreamYard)

Schedule a meeting using the “people” tab

While you are able to create private one-to-one video chats with other participants, the schedule meeting feature allows you to schedule those meetings.

Utilize the “Networking” space  

The Networking segment on Hopin is pure engagement and is similar to one-on-one meetings on a FaceTime call. This segment is designed to recreate the “coffee-in-the-lobby” conversations or watercooler chats that are important at an in-person event. The Networking area automates the discovery of new connections. When an attendee participates in the Networking, they are matched with a random attendee and meet for a set time preset by the organizer. Attendees can click the Connect button during a call to exchange contact information and after the event the newly made contacts will appear at page of their individual Profile.

Check out the exhibition area

 The Expo area is the virtual exhibitor hall with sponsor booths in our event and serves as another great way to network. Click into booths to engage with the company by either group chatting, video-chatting, or direct messaging.


In the Session Segment you will find the Helpdesk – your main way of reaching the FIG2021 team. If you need assistance contact us here in chat or by Sharing Audio and Video to talk to us directly.