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Accompanying Persons Program

When you register your partner/accompanying person for the FIG 2014 Congress, besides the opportunity to attend the Welcome Reception and Opening Ceremony, the organiser has prepared the following exciting program for their enjoyment while you are attending the Congress.

Wednesday 18 June 2014

Date: : Wednesday, 18 June 2014
Duration : 10.00 – 17.00 (approx. 7 hours)
Meeting point: To be annouced



The Heritage Guided Tours of Dataran Merdeka is the city's newest tourist attraction. During the tour, visitors will walk through several historical landmarks of Kuala Lumpur which highlighted the Malaysian rich history.

The tour is organised by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) which covers the history and architecture of the city's landmark, Dataran Merdeka (Independence Square), and the ten heritage buildings surrounding the historic patch of field. Most of the heritage buildings were built in the late 1800's and early 1900's, with a blend of old colonial, Moorish, Tudor, Neo-Gothic and Islamic architectural styles.

The 2-hour walking tour is the perfect way to admire the classic beauty of these important buildings in their entire original splendour.

12.30 – 14.30 - LUNCH

Last but not least, your partner/acompanying person will visit Karyaneka and take home a piece of Malaysia's memories. Karyaneka, one of Malaysia's leading handicraft and memento centres, is a subsidiary of the Malaysian Handicraft Development Corporation. Karyaneka works as the nation's one-stop creative art shopping mall, showcasing a large collection of products which mirrors Malaysia's cultural and indigenous ancestry.

This includes numerous instances of workmanship that are distinctly Malaysian, such as fabrics like batik and songket, woven rattan products, and elaborate metalwork. Centuries of cultural diversity, heritage and tradition is showcased in the form of exceptional quality of finest Malaysian craftsmanship.

If you have not had the possibility to witness the genuine thing, these exhibitions offer an excellent option, songket weaving, brass work, woodcarving, conventional blacksmith, batik painting or pottery making.