Final Program

Wednesday (4.10. 2000)
12.00-14.00 Registration at the conference center
14.00-15.30 Opening Session,
chair persons: P.Akritidis, G.Apostolatos, C.Potsiou
Greetings from:
  Coordinating committee Dr. C.Potsiou,chair WG3.1.
  FIG Markku Villikka
  FIG Com 3 J. Ryttersgaard, Chair
  TCG G. Apostolatos
  Hellenic Association of Rural & Surveying Engineers N.Ionas, President
  KTIMATOLOGIO SA N. Galidakis, Managing Director
  NTUA - Department of Rural & Surveying Engineering Prof. E. Balodimou, President
  AUTH - Department of Rural & Surveying Engineering Prof. C. Catsabalos
  Hellenic Mapping & Cadastre Organization Prof. J. Badekas, President
  Hellenic Army Geographic Service G. Costakis, Commander
15.30-15.45 coffee break
15.45-17.30 Session 1- NSDI National Activities,
chair persons: J. Rytersgaard, B. Teichert
Y. Doytsher: Spatial Information Infrastructures in Israel: Toward the 21rst Century
E. Kovacs: The Hungarian National Spatial Information Infrastructure
J. Ryttersgaard: National Report – The NSDI activity in Denmark
K. Strande: The Strategy for the Norwegian Geographic Infrastructure and the expected Norwegian GI-White Paper
J. Bares, J. Calek: Spatial Information Management in the Czech Republic
17.30-17.45 coffee break
17.45-19.15 Session 2- NSDI National Activities,
chair persons: J. Badekas, T. Valstadt
J. Riecken: The Spatial Information Management in the Cadastre and NSDI in Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany
H. Njuguna: National Report: NSDI activity in Kenya
G. Mysheghyan, P. Soghomonian: NSDI activity in Armenia
A. Bagre: NSDI activity in Burkina Faso
E. Tiainen: National Plan Data System in Finland
B. Teichert: The FIG Questionnaire on NSDI
20.00 Warming up Reception at OASIS HOTEL

Thursday (5.10.2000)
8.00-10.00 Session 3 SDI- Experiences and Visions,
chair persons: R. Mansberger, G.Muggenhuber
P. Daugbjerg: The Danish Spatial Data Infrastructure – a Research Initiative
E. Hoeflinger: Pricing versus Availability of SI
G. Muggenhuber, R. Mansberger: SDI - Economic and Technical Aspects
O. Schuster: Between Spatial Data Management and Georeferencing Market- The Needs of Landmanagement and Property Security Systems
H. Knoop: GIS- Standardization and Qualifications and Certification of Personnel
E. Pauknerova: SIM as a practical decision – making tool


coffee break
10.30-12.30 Session 4  GI-Tools and Methods,
chair persons:  R. Mahoney, S. Mihaly
C.  Ioannidis, T. Hazichristos: A Municipality Selection Proposal for the Expansion of the Hellenic Cadastre, using Fuzzy Logic
  G. Soulis: The Benefits of Modern GIS Technologies for the Hellenic Cadastre
M. Kavouras, M. Kokla: Ontology-based fusion of geographic databases
K. Strande: Value of Society by Use of Geographic Information

DataStreet Application (Flash)

G. Vanco, K. Nuseva: Geoinformation System in Telecomunication


Lunch at the conference center restaurant
14.00-15.30 Session 5 Research SD- Modelling and Distribution,
chair persons: Y. Doytsher, C. Ioannidis
P. Laarakker: Cadastral Data management and Distribution in the Netherlands
H. Mueller: Some Samples of Modelling and Presenting Three-D Spatial Objects
S. Nimre, Y. Dotsher: An Alignment Process of Master Plans at Large Scales in a GIS Environment
P. Garland, M. Madani, S. Santrivanopoulos: TerraShare- An Image Storage and Distribution Solution
A. Scopeliti, L. Tsoulos: Estimating Positional Accuracy of Linear Features


coffee break
16.00-18.00 Session 6  SIM –applications,
chair persons: V. Nakos, L. Tsoulos
D. Petala, E. Vozikis: EO Data Today and Application Fields
N. Androulakakis: IGME Spatial Information Management System
A. Iliadi, A. Xidia, A. Labropoulos, P. Zentelis: LIS Development for the Registration and Classification of the 1999 Athens Earthquake Damages- Application on Thracomacedones Community
E. Dimopoulou, X. Christodoulou, N. Polydoredes: Designing and Implementing a County –wide GIS in Western Greece
D. Rokos, V. Karathanasi: Development of an integrated Remote Sensing and GIS methodology for the protection of Forest Environment
C. Goulioumi, E. Papadopoulou, A. Labropoulos, P. Zentelis: Development of an Information System for the Management and the Protection of Forests as a Land-Use. Application on the Penteli Mountain
20.00 Dinner at the conference center restaurant

Friday (06.10.2000)
8.00-9.45 Commission 3 meeting  
9.45-11.30 Session 7 Data management and Perspective of the Hellenic Cadastre LIS,
chair persons: D. Grant, C. Potsiou
A. Arvanitis, T. Koukopoulou: Updating Cadastral Data from Distance using Modern Technologies
A. Arvanitis, A. Asteriadis, T. Sotireli: Retrieving Cadastral Information from the Internet
I. Ifadis, P. Savaidis, A. Mavridis: Utilization of existing Data of Hellenic state Agricaltural Departments and the Hellenic Cadastre towards the sound Management of Agricaltural resources through a combined GIS-GPS System
N. Galidakis, C. Potsiou, M. Volakakis, P. Doublidis: The Hellenic cadastral System: Progress and Future Strategy
K. Lakakis, P. Savaidis, I. Ifadis: The Implementation of Quality Assurance in the Hellenic Cadastral Projects
11.30-11.45 coffee break
11.45-13.45 Session 8 SIM and Land Administration
chair persons: A. Arvanitis, R. MacLaren
P. Lolonis; Representation and Management of Spatial Error in Cadastral Databases (Presentation) [Shift-Click to download]
R. McLaren, R. Mahoney: Land and Property Transactions. Lessons Learned in Implementing a NLIS in the UK
M. Barry, L. Roux: Using Video Imagery Integrated into GIS

  Closing song
13.45-14.45 Lunch at the conference center restaurant


Technical tour to the Hellenic Cadastre and Panorama of Athens (for  international delegates and accompanying persons only)

Saturday (07.10.2000)

One day cruise to the Greek Islands


List of Participants:

Bares, Jan

Czech Republic


Calek, Jiri

Czech Republic


Dimopoulou, Efi



Doytsher, Yerach



Georgiev, Vanco



Hoeflinger, Ernst



Ifadis, I



Kollias, Georgios



Kovacs, Eniko



Laarakker, Peter M



Mahoney, Rob

United Kingdom


Mansberger, Reinfried



Mavridis, A



McLaren, Robin

United Kingdom


Muggenhuber, Gerhard



Müller, Hartmut



Njuguna. Humphrey


Nuseva, Kornelija


Potsiou, Chryssy


Ryttersgaard, Jes


Strande, Kari


Svatojansky, Oto


Teichert, Bernd


Valstad, Tor


Zalaba, Piroska