Exhibition on the Evolution from Local Measures to the Meter

Braine-l Alleud, Belgium, 9 January 7 February 2009

The International Institution for the History of Surveying and Measurement, Permanent Institution of FIG, organizes an exhibition on the Evolution from Local Measures to the Meter, in Braine-l Alleud, next to Waterloo south of Brussels, in the Museum Cardinal Mercier from 9 January 9 to 7 February 2009, open Monday to Friday and Saturday 12:30-17:00.

The exhibition concentrates on the evolution of scales on maps, the introduction of the meter and the application of the Cadaster, original documents, historic books from 16th to early 19th century and an original computer of 2M that served for the conversion of hundred of local measures into meter.

Free entrance. Guided tours possible. Further information Jan de Graeve, tel. + 32 2 268 10 25.

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